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Monthly Expenses: June

Another month of spending is in the books. It’s time to check out my spending habits for the month of June. It was a mediocre month, but I managed to scrape by and have some left over cash at month’s end. Here’s the breakdown…

Explanation of Income:

Gift: Four hundred big ones that went straight towards my student loan. Heck yea. As usual, I’m always accepting donations 🙂

Salary: My take home pay from the day job. I get paid every two weeks, so this usually doesn’t fluctuate too much. I budget my expenses around two pay periods per month, but in October I will be getting three paychecks…can’t wait!

Tutoring: Something I do in my free time to make a little extra cash flow. Only brought home $320 this month, but that is to be expected as their school ended the first week in June. I don’t have any summer tutoring lined up, but will be housesitting for some families throughout the summer and will just add that money in my tutoring stats.

Explanation of Expenses:

Auto: Any maintenance and fuel costs associated with my car. This excludes my car insurance. I think this was a record low for me. Gotta love only having to put $19 in the car. I sold my motorcycle at the end of June though, so I anticipate this expense to at least double.

Dining: The dollar bills I be droppin’ at various burrito and pizza joints. The majority of this expense was dinner with the Girlfriend. I try and take her on a dinner date about once a week.

Entertainment: I’m really pissed off about this $26. My friend had a birthday party downtown and the lot we parked in charged us a buttload for just a couple hours. Too make matters worse, the party was at a bar, and I don’t drink. So I paid $26 to watch other people drink beer. Sometimes having friends is expensive.

Gifts: This is any money I spend on someone else. $29 went straight to the good boyfriend category this month. Actually I was a crappy boyfriend and forgot my three year anniversary, so this purchase was for the “I’m an idiot, please forgive me flowers.”

Groceries: My goal is to keep my dining and grocery expenses at about $250 each month. Droppin’ $106 at the grocery store plus $81 on dining, keeps me under my $250 food goal. It was easy to stay under budget this month because I was on a business trip the last week of June and all those meals were reimbursed.

Insurance: Includes car and renters insurance. Sometimes I just want someone to steal something from my apartment so that I can actually use my renters insurance and feel like I’m gettin’ my money’s worth. I crashed my car two years ago and definitely got my monies worth in that accident… oops.

Interest expense: This is my school loan . I have a monthly obligation of $178, but I decided at the end of March, after some wise words from you PF bloggers, that I needed to throw at least $1K at Sallie Mae each month. I’m contiuning to kick Sallie Mae in her nuts as I brought her balance down another $1,000 this month.

Miscellaneous: The miscellaneous expesnse this month is essentially comprised of an investment I made in June. Unfortunately I can’t really get in to the details until the investment fully matures. Don’t worry though, I’m not doing anything illegal…yet. 

Travel: As I mentioned in a previous post, I was on a lengthy business trip from June 25th to July 15th. The $134 you see here is basically dining out the last five days of June. I should walk away with about $1,500 extra in my pocket thanks to a ton of overtime.

The overall total at the bottom is the cash I had leftover after all my expenses. I brought home big money this month, $161 *tear*. Usually, I have between $1,500 and $2,000 at the end of the month, but paying down my student loan and my miscellaneous investment threw things off a little bit. Oh well, as long as it’s positive I am happy.

* Are you wondering why I post the previous month’s expenses a couple weeks late? I use quicken to track my spending and I have to wait until the end of the billing cycle before I can download these transactions. I know I could manually add each expense as it comes, but I am entirely too lazy for that. Thanks for checking in and if you got any comments, tips, or advice I’d be more than happy to hear it. *



  1. Congrats on erradicating Sallie mae! When UR done with yours, then U can work on Mine. 😉

    You've done great! *pat on back* You should be pround that you are so financially skilled at your age.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. I have came by your blog thru Budgets are Sexy and I so so admire all that you do! {I would have said love but don't want your GF to kick my butt} jaja…. Your blog is so on my If-ur-gonna-read-check-this-out list and recommendation where ever I can link you back..
    Woot Woot!

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