HomesavingMoney Saving Tips that are Just Plain Weird

Money Saving Tips that are Just Plain Weird

Being in debt, or permanently just skirting it, can be really stressful. It can feel like you’re trapped in a swamp – the more you struggle, the deeper in you feel. Of course, setting up a debt management plan is your first priority, as you’ll feel – and be – more in control.

Once you feel you’re headed in the right direction, you can take even more control – and maybe even bring a bit of fun (remember that?) back into your lives. Saving money can be a source of amusement and solidarity and can offer a sense of purpose – no matter how bonkers some of the ideas are. Here are four of the more out-there (but no less effective) ones.

Train your cat to use the toilet

As insane as this sounds, the cost of owning a cat can be more than £1,000 a year when you factor in food, vet bills, de-worming meds, toys and so on. You can’t nix the food and vet parts, but you can reduce or eliminate the cost of cat litter, which can total more than £100 per year. There are lots of toilet-training guides online, but if your moggy really doesn’t like it, then you’ll have to find another way of saving £2 each week. Like forgoing that fancy coffee.

Changing font before hitting “print”

Domestic printing is notoriously expensive – it can often be cheaper to just replace the printer and use its starter ink supply! Not using the printer at all would be the ideal answer, but it’s a necessary evil sometimes. Bring in some damage limitation by decreasing the size of the font and the font itself. Apparently, Century Gothic uses around a third less ink than the more commonly-chosen fonts. Using draft mode is also handy, but don’t go too far with this and with decreasing the font size – teachers don’t like using magnifying glasses to grade homework…

Make the world a cooler place

We all know how turning the thermostat down a degree can shave off 10% of your heating bills. That’s great, but how about having a chilly challenge? That’s right. No heating for one day a week, or for a few half-days a month. Our forebears managed it. Choose sunnier autumn and winter days and try to go as long as possible before sparking that boiler up. Even if you only manage a couple of hours, it’s something, and you can come up with some fun ways to stay warm, like hanging out in the kitchen and batch-cooking (which is another good money-saver; just not quite as bizarre…).

Wear too many clothes onto the plane

You’ve found some cheapo flights on a budget airline! Yay! But what’s this? Your luggage is a couple of kilos or centimetres over and you’re being charged £20? You can eliminate this risk, which is often a problem on return flights, by wearing some of your luggage – two jumpers, a skirt over trousers – you get the picture. You could also develop heat exhaustion, though, so do watch what you’re doing.


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