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Booya. I finally get to have a blog post titled “I make money blogging.” I’m pretty excited about that. I’ve read a bunch of articles from UBER famous bloggers who all share their journey through adsense, affiliate networks, and site traffic. They use fancy words like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), metatags, keywords, and about a billion other terms I’m unfamiliar with. One thing those people don’t really share, though, is numbers. And let’s be real, you are nosey, and you want numbers.


According to Quicken, I have made a little over $2,100 this year from PDITF. Looking back at my blog archives, I have wrote 199 articles YTD. That works out to getting paid about $10.55 an article. I’m rich baby!

While my goal for Punch Debt In The Face has never been about making coin, I’m hardly one to pass up “free” money. Even though I’ve made a few thousand dollars, I want you to know my content has NEVER been influenced by advertisements. It’s actually quite the opposite, my content influences what types of ads appear. If I’m writing about weddings, then it’s likely there will be wedding ads up on the page. If I wrote about student loans, there will probably be ads for student loan consolidation. Google scans each blog post and uses keywords to determine what ads best fit. They do the dirty work, and I make a little money. It’s a beautiful relationship.

Over the next few days, weeks, and months I plan to do some experimenting with blog monetization tactics. I haven’t put one ounce of effort in to monetization thus far, and am curious too see how much influence I have over my blogs earning potential.

So what does this mean for you, the reader?

Probably nothing. You might be annoyed by the location of some ads as I experiment with different placements throughout the blog, but I doubt it will really be that much of a bother. And if it really bugs you, to the point you are about to quit reading my blog, please let me know and I’ll look in to making some changes. You shouldn’t worry though, I wont turn in to Spammy McSpammerson with popups and all that annoying junk.

Why the change now?

I’m a big fan of setting goals in both my personal life and in my blogging pseudo-life. My first PDTIF goal was to write five times a week. Then it was get 100 visitors a day. And most recently it was reach 1,000 subscribers (which I just accomplished this week). Now I’ve set a goal to monetize. With a lot of “behind the scenes” hard work, I’m gonna try to make $10,000 in 2011. Will it happen? I have no freakin’ clue, but you gotta have a goal right?

Final thoughts:

One thing I look forward to doing, is sharing any progress or setbacks I have in the process. I like to be open and if you all have any questions throughout the process I want you to ask. If you want to know how much I made in the month of October, ask me!!! I’m an open book baby. I’m excited to not only have PDITF be a place where I share my PF journey, but be a significant contributor to that journey as well.

So now that I’ve made my intentions clear, do you think I’m a sellout? Do you feel dirty knowing I’ve made some money off you? Do you want to be updated on any new revenue I make, or could you care less?

p.s. A few have inquired about blog stats. Here is a screenshot of my stats over the last year…

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  1. Oh wow! I’m jealous 🙂

    Good for you, Ninja! And hey, the ads nvr annoy me coz I don’t pay attention to them. Unless it’s in the way (like smack huge after each post) then yeah they’d annoy me enough to make me not read your blog :p

    And oh, don’t worry about the making money of us readers. Didn’t NBA stars make money from their fans? Don’t celebs make money fr us fans whod buy anything w their names on it? You’re famous now, so if that means a bit of side income, then by all means take em! For me, I get to learn from you and I don’t have to pay anything so if google’s paying you money, then cool for ya! Win-win 🙂

      • Oh! This is totally unrelated to personal finance but I understand you live in seattle? Am considering layovers in San Fran/lax/seattle since ill be flying to the states in a coupla months. What’s ur opinnion on seattle airport? I like to go thru diff airports each time, had nvr been to seattle’s so would like to know what you think abt it 🙂

        Oh, if this is like facebook, I’d totally ‘like’ your comment time infinity :p

        And yea, if the position of part time writer is open, I wanna apply. I actually am a free-lance online paper writer (why I do it – coz I love writing n itsgood money, brings in half my pay fr day job 🙂

  2. I am interested.

    How much traffic do you have a day? I am wondering what the $/traffic number is. Do you know at what point traffic wise you went from making like $0.02/month to something somewhat worthwhile?

    I haven’t monetized my blog yet and am on the fence whether I should even bother.

    PS. Thanks for the email comments link. I heart ninja

    • Hey Sandy, you can always look at my traffic numbers by clicking the small “Sitemeter” box just above my “resources” section in the sidebar. It will show you how much daily traffic I’ve had, as well as a bunch of other crap. Right now I’m averaging about 800 visits on a weekday and about 300-400 on a weekend. This last month (September) was my highest traffic month with 20,000 visits.

      Like I said, I have never focused on the monetization aspect of my blog…until now. All I’ve cared about is growing my site and hopefully reaching more people each month. Now that I have a decent reader base I’m gonna see if this monetization thing really works. I’ve included a screenshot of my traffic numbers over the last year 🙂

  3. Hmmm . . . does that mean that if someone writes a guest post for you, they should be entitled to a proportional share of the profits, kind of like a sub-contractor?

    Nothing wrong with writing for money. As Boswell noted in his “Life of Johnson” in 1776, Dr. Johnson’s opinion was that “No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money.”

    • I think the cartoons were a big draw. I never planned on them being, but people seem to enjoy the stick figures. So I make sure to include a funny picture at the top of every blog post to keep people interested. Other than that, I reached out to a few PF bloggers and they kinda took me under their wing and showed me some blogging basics. It really comes down to content people want to read. Good content means more readers. Period.

  4. You do you (get the Jersey Shore reference?)! You’re not a sellout for making money. If you started hocking lame services and products on your site, then you’d be a sellout.

    It is pretty dang impressive that you’ve been able to monetize this quickly and $10,000 seems pretty achievable next year. Congrats! You and the missus should go on a nice vacation.

    I would be curious to have monthly blog income updates.

    • I figured people had an interest in this, but no blogs that talk about monetizing, actually talk about EXACTLY how much they are making from it. They just kind of use vague terms and beat around the bush. I’ll be transparent 🙂

      • Totally agree. I’ve been curious about it, but without specifics I didn’t know if it was worth my time or effort.

        I’m looking forward to seeing how this progresses and how you do it.

    • And I hope to ride the wave of your awesomeness man. You’ve done some great things for the blogging community and I hope that through my monetization tactics, coupled with the Yakezie sexiness, next year will be a big year. The more money I make, the more I can give away!

  5. I’m curious about how much you spend on blogging, and how long you blogged before you were breaking even, and then how much longer before you were in the black on it. I’ve still got a free WordPress blog, because I haven’t yet been willing to spend any money on my own domain name. How much do you spend monthly, and on what?

    • I spend about $90 a year. $10 for the domain registration and $80 on hosting. That’s it! That is why I love blogging. Almost no overhead. I made that $100 back from advertising in the first few months, and everything since has been profit. It’s totally worth it!

  6. Congrats on making some money, Ninja! I don’t think you’re a sellout at all. I think most of us would rather make money doing what we love than not make any. Personally, I’d like to read a few posts on how you’ve been able to monetize the blog. I only do AdSense, but it takes FOREVER to get to their payout point.

    And, uh, thanks for the shoutout in your art… Lol! 😉

  7. Ads aren’t a problem as long as they’re not obstrusive. The ones under the date are (I’ll be blunt) pretty ugly but whatever. I’m very interested to see your monetization progress as I’m considering doing the same to my blog.

    Good luck!

  8. I would love to read about how you keep your blog going for such a large profit! Good luck next year with the $10k goal! It really is nice to see someone willing to put into real dollars what they make (and tricks they may use to make that money is also nice for beginner bloggers!!)

    Much luck to you!

  9. I definitely like hearing about it because few other bloggers are willing to share the details, so we’re all left in the dark about how it really happens & how much is actually made. I’d WANT you to be making money off of your blog, for 2 main reasons: 1) so you can pay for the site upkeep, and 2) so you are motivated to keep posting. Now, I don’t think you should post 18 times in a week with a bunch of fluffy crap just to get more money, but I do think that earning money off it will help prevent you from up & quitting the blog altogether. So, good for you, and also good for us! 🙂 Besides, no one forces any of us to click on the ads, so I don’t see them as interfering with your otherwise thoughtful content.

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