Mini Fridge Hell

I now can say I have experienced a little taste of hell. As you all are aware, I am currently on a business trip on a very tiny island in far east Asia. I have blogged a few times about my food setbacks when I wrote about packing a lunch and how awkward eating out alone can be on business trips.

Consider those issues trivial compared to the issue I now face. There are only a handful of food options where I’m staying. There’s a burger king, subway, pizza place, one buffet style cafeteria, and a grocery store. After two weeks of whopper juniors, 12 inch subs, and medium pizzas, I’m pretty sure my stomach wants to punch me in the face.

My hotel room is equipped with a mini-fridge and a microwave. I’ve done the peanut butter and jelly thing a handful of times, but I am in need of some nutritional meals that don’t require an oven or a stove. The meals I typically make for myself, back home, all require some type of cooking.

Imagine your oven/stove broke down today and you couldn’t get it fixed for six weeks. What would you work in to your diet? I’ve flirted with the idea of making a salad, but would get pretty sick of it after about two meals. Right now my “mini fridge diet” consists of PB&J, cereal, apples, pears, oranges, and yogurt. That’s all I got. I’m freaked out by cooking things in the microwave (I feel like it makes my food toxic….crazy I know) so frozen dinners and the like aren’t really an option.

Anyone have any crazy delicious sandwich combinations that are easy and never get old? My culinary skills are quite elementary so try and keep it to recipes you would trust a 3rd grader with 🙂 I may be a Debt Ninja, but I am in no way any kind of Chef Ninja. Oh, and keep in mind the grocery store on this island is pretty ghetto so pre-made sandwiches/salads/soups don’t exist here.

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  1. you are right about the microwave they are bad news…..really no other advice for you though everything i cook is thrown into 1 pot

  2. You could iron a grilled cheese sandwich.

    Try fruit sandwiches for variety. PB&Apple. Apple and cheese. Pear and cheese. Heck, just use fruit and add some nuts for texture and protein. Or try cucumber and cream cheese (assuming you can get a hand on it) or just about anything and cream cheese for that matter.

    Salads can be interesting time after time, but you'd have to have a wide variety of veggies to choose from, and it sounds like you don't.

  3. Do you eat tuna? A tuna sandwich can be delicious! Just add a little bit of mayo to your tuna (or plain yogurt if you're watching your figure), some pepper and garlic powder, then spread it on the bread, along with a slice of cheese. YUM!

  4. You pretty much describe the life of a college student. What did you eat when you had to live in a dorm?

  5. That does sound like some dorm-room style living, so I've got a few suggestions.
    Try to make a salad with spinach (regular iceberg lettuce should get punched in the face)apples, walnuts and feta cheese. Add some raspberry vinaigrette and that should work for a few meals. you can always substitute for different types of fruit.
    Also, spinach, tuna, crasins and walnuts will make a good salad, with a vinaigrette syle dressing.
    If you HAVE to eat ramen, add some frozen corn or other veggies, it makes it taste so much better.

  6. Hey there!

    Thanks for the fun money vote LoL – you were the only person to do so, and that's exactly where it went!!

    (I haven't figured out out to delete peoples comments if I don't have moderation on)

    I vote for throwing some cheese in to the mix!!

    Is there any way you get get a single or double element 'hot plate' and one pot so that you could make something…maybe the hotel has some, you just have to ask?

  7. Your mini fridge sounds pretty healthy!!

    -mix yogurt, granola (or cereal, or broken granola bar), raw nuts, and chopped fruit together for a great meal.

    -trail mix: raw nuts, dried fruit, seeds, chocolate chips, granola

    -get yourself some raw nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts, etc.)

    -protein bars! Snickers, Kashi, Clif are all great

    -Kashi cereal is very nutricious

    -do you have a toaster? PB toast is one of my favs

    -cheese cubes

    -deli meat rolled around cheese stick is a good snack

    -baby carrots!!!

    Good luck!

  8. Ok, I know it sounds lame, but can you get your hands on a slow cooker? You could make some awesome chili, or cheesy potatoes…tons of ideas!

  9. Try this site…all Raw Food. No need to cook 🙂

    Click here. Bound to find something. 🙂

    Wishing u the best of luck in finding good food to eat.

  10. -You can buy salads at Subway.
    -Hang out at local watering hole and become friends with someone who lives there and has a stove.
    -Can you buy a inexpensive toaster? This way you can do some waffles or toast bread/bagels.
    -Do you have a coffee maker in your room? You could pre-heat water in that and make oatmeal sans the microwave. Then you can throw in some nuts, dried fruit, etc into the oatmeal if you desire.

  11. If I were you, I’d take the chance to learn about Marshallese dishes? Visit the Saturday or Sunday market (or equivalent), then ask a person who grew up there what an quick, good meal is.

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