Mental Health and Therapy During Quarantine

Since the pandemic began, people have been panicking for many reasons. Everyone has their concerns. Some may be more worried about work, some may be worried about finances, some may be worried about their kids, and some may be worried about what to do with their time. No matter what, everyone is worried about their health.

Everyone’s main concern is that their family, their friends, and themselves are safe. One of the main factors when it comes to an individual’s health is mental health. Since there are so many concerns these days, it can be exhausting and take quite a toll on your headspace. So what can be done during this time of quarantine?

The first step for those who are feeling a little anxious, depressed or stressed is talk to someone. The easiest thing to do is talk to a family member or close friend who is willing to listen or provide advice if you want it. Sometimes just letting the words flow can help you out.

Sometimes you may need more than that. You may need therapy. Conventionally, therapy is held in a Dr.’s office where you set aside time to go talk to the Dr. Given the current circumstances, this is not possible or safe. What can be helpful is to meet with a psychologist or psychiatrist virtually. Telemedicine is on the rise. You can now talk to someone face to face or should I say, screen to screen. This may not be as good as going into an office, but it is the next best thing. Getting help can now be affordable and convenient. Virtual sessions tend to be less expensive as well, which is a huge plus!

There are different types of therapy offered online as well. A group session may be available or you may be able to find a niche group to your liking (AA, Religious, Anger Management, etc.). Connecting with others in a group or one on one session can make you feel better and let you figure out how to reach your peak mental health.

Besides therapy, there are other factors that can enhance your mental health. Exercise has a huge benefit in all aspects of your life, especially mental health. Exercising lets you burn off energy and release endorphins to bring happiness into your life. Doctors typically recommend 30 minutes a day of exercise. Things such as a bike ride, hike, yoga or simply a walk can be beneficial and help you clear your head.

The current circumstances are not ideal for anyone in this world. Please look at your mental health status and reflect on what you can do to help yourself thrive.