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MANteresting by the numbers.

Exactly one month ago, Jesse and I launched MANteresting. While we believed in the potential behind the site, we weren’t sure others saw the same. Launch day (Feb 16th) was awesome. You guys helped us hit 5,000 unique visits on our very first day by spreading the word on FB and Twitter. Our stats tapered off for the next ten days, averaging closer to 400 visits a day.

But then something exciting happened. We got our first major media mention. Guy Kawasaki, a NYT best-selling author, tweeted about us multiple times and got the ball rolling. Since then, we’ve been mentioned on ABC, TechCrunch, Gawker, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, MSN, CNet, and dozens of smaller scale publications. We saw a crap ton of traffic in a very short period of time. 

Our site started crashing, our email notification system went down, and weird bugs that we’d never seen before were popping up left and right. These are all very good problems to have, frustrating, but good because it meant we were growing. We’ve managed to work out most of the kinks and bugs. We upgraded our servers. Hired on two more contractors (bringing us up to five now). We have an iPhone and Android app in the works. And we are just weeks away from releasing some really cool features that should only help fuel the MANteresting fire.

The development and of MANteresting is quickly becoming a “full-time” job. Responding to media requests, interacting with our users, managing our contractors, talking with potential investors, business incorporation, not to mention we still have to be awesome husbands, has definitely been exhausting. Fortunately for us, we are uber motivated and have no plans to slow down. Go big or go home right? 

Alright, so now is the time where I share our first month traffic breakdown. For those of you unfamiliar with the internet and website scaling this will mean nothing to you. But for those bloggers and internet junkies that track this kind of stuff, hopefully you find these numbers as impressive as we do. Here’s what we accomplished in our first 30 days…

We broke half a million page views in less than 30 days! That’s absolute insanity. As a frame of reference, It took PDITF 3 years to reach 900,000 pageviews. MANteresting will pass 900,000 pageviews before it turns two months old. Another encouraging stat is that we had over 124,000 unique visitors come to our site.The most “unique visitors” PDITF has ever had in a single month is about 9,000.

We wanted MANteresting to succeed. We had high expectations for the site. But we never could have anticipated just how quickly this thing would take off. The best part about this whole thing is that MANteresting is really only about 50% as cool as it is will be. If people are loving it as much as they are right now, I can’t wait to see how they’ll interact with it once we implement some of these super secret features we are working on.

As my boy Buzz Lightyear once said….

Favorite nail from yesterday: Welcome Back Chris Farley.



  1. When do you anticipate leaving your safe, secure job and dedicate yourself full (and most likely over) time to your awesome website? Is it possible that this blog might be in danger of being retired sooner than later? I’ll miss ya but couldn’t blame ya 🙂

    • haha, don’t know about the day job yet. wouldn’t mind being forced in to quitting though if the price is right 🙂 As for the blog, I have no immediate plans to close up shop. y’all have stuck with me through thick and thin and it would be a shame to cease now. that said, it could become a little more irregular in the near term depending on how things go. all good problems to have I suppose

  2. Wow, those are some super impressive numbers! Thanks so much for sharing with us – it’s not too often we get to see real numbers from a launch of that magnitude.

    Here’s to continued success for MANteresting! (And higher numbers for my sites, because I’m REALLY jealous of that half a million pageviews!)

  3. Ninja – These Figures are MENTAL! Well done,

    Read a lot of the articles in which you were featured – some pretty positive stuff 🙂

  4. Congrats Ninja and Jesse! Even women love your site! Can you breakdown those demographics? Men vs. Women views?

  5. Very cool!! So excited for you guys.

    I have a question about how page views are counted on a website such as manterisiting. Since it’s an infinite scroll, does it just count a new page if someone clicks or nails something?

  6. Great job! So excited for your new endeavor and to see what you’ve got planned for it! Best of luck!

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  8. Holy crap! That’s amazing. Forget “Punch Debt in the Face”…. you need to slap yourself in the face to make sure you’re not dreaming, right?
    Good job! The potential is limitless…

  9. Those are some great problems to have! Congratulations on the success! Keep going full steam ahead and I’m sure it will become even better. I’m curious as to what happened with the VC you were talking to – I hope something great comes out of that conversation.

  10. How is your website different and unique from Pinterest? On first glace it seems like Pinterest but with a ‘man’ theme wallpapered over it. Are there any enhanced features that make it a superior product?

  11. Hey – I sat next to a developer for Pinterest on my way back from SXSW and I told him about Manteresting. He seemed really interested in it. Keep up the good work.

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