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So my former college roommate was a groomsman in my wedding two years ago. At my wedding he did a peculiar thing. He fell in love with one of Girl Ninja’s bridesmaids. Well, not just any bridesmaid, but GN’s older sister. They hit it off that night and started dating shortly after.

On Sunday, he stops being my old roommate and instead, will become my brother-in-law. How weird is that? I remember the days of running around in our underwear on our college’s campus, chasing lightning at 2am. I remember eating so many California burritos with this guy that I felt like my stomach was going to explode. I remember him buying me a tub of ice cream, chips, oreos, and a bunch of other junk food after learning Girl Ninja and I had a temporary falling out my Junior year of college in an effort to console me (picture from that night below)…

As weird as it is to think about this guy, who I know so much about being my brother, nothing creeps me out more than thinking about him being my children’s uncle. Seriously, not gonna let me kids around him unless I’m supervising. Just kidding...kind of. 

Since Girl Ninja and I are the only reason future brother-in-law met Girl Ninja’s sister, he asked me to be the best man in his wedding. I’ve been a groomsmen before, but this is my first time sitting in the big boy chair. It involves a bit more planning (we will actually be participating in bachelor party activities all day long today), I’ll be decorating their wedding night hotel room, and I of course have to give a speech (where I plan to share every embarrassing story possible about him), but in all, it hasn’t been too overwhelming.

I’m pretty pumped to be his best man and I hope I can live up to the title. Welcome to the family, brother. 

Have you been a maid of honor, or best man before? Did the responsibilities that come with it stress you out? Isn’t being a groomsmen or bridesmaid the best, you get all the fun, without any of the responsibility!

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  1. Hey dude
    You are SO lucky to have one of your best mates become family! Congrats on the Best Man role! One bit of advice – don’t hold back AT ALL in the speech! The more embarassing the stories – the better!!! 😀

  2. Congratulations! My husband and I actually have close friends that had a similar happening – although it didn’t occur at a wedding – it occurred on New Year’s Eve years ago.

    I’ve been a Matron of Honor once and a bridesmaid 5 times (3 in 1 Summer). Let’s just say it’s expensive! Fun, but expensive!

    Enjoy the experience and have fun!

  3. Congrats to your SIL and future BIL! Have an awesome time this weekend!

    I’ve never been asked to be a Maid of Honour, but I’ve been asked twice to be a Bridesmaid… I bowed out of one of the weddings shortly after I was asked, as my gut feeling told me the guy wasn’t right for my friend, and I was 100% sure it would end up a disaster; I just couldn’t stand up there and be all smiles when I knew it would end very badly… and I was right… took a few years, but the guy showed his true colours, and my friend left him.

    I had the exact same feeling for the 2nd wedding I participated in… but I went through with it… wore the ugly dress and shoes, both of which I never wore again… that marriage ended in divorce within 5 years… needless to say, I’ve never been asked to stand up at someone’s wedding ever since!

    I don’t think I’d enjoy being a Maid of Honour; if my sister ever gets married, I’m hoping she would ask a friend to be the MOH; I’d gladly be her Bridesmaid, but if she decided to elope, it would be even better!

  4. That is so cool!! Enjoy the fun this weekend.

    I have been a bridesmaid 14 times and a maid of honor once. But even being a bridesmaid was often a lot of work.

  5. Wow so exciting! That’s such an awesome story! And I’ve never been the maid of honor, but I am a bridesmaid for my friend’s wedding. Her sister is much younger (still in high school), so most of the planning will fall to me.

  6. Congrats to them! My fiancée was a best man a few years ago and he has a terrible fear of public speaking. He was so nervous he couldn’t enjoy the wedding right up until the reception, but then of course he nailed the speech. Good luck!

  7. Oh man, I was Maid of Honor for my BF a year ago, and that was nuts. Not only was the wedding in Florida and all the bridesmaids were from all over the country (I’m in Boston, and other ‘maids were from Denver, Buffalo, Chicago, and Texas. Ya) but on top of that, girls are friggin CRAZY to organize around.

    Everything ended up working out, and I’m still honored that she chose me. Have so much fun @ the Bachelor Party!!!

    p.s. – Does the Best Man always decorate the wedding night hotel room? That’s the first time I heard that!

  8. I’ve been a bridesmaid before. I was supposed to be a flower girl once, but that wedding never happened…oops… It was pretty fun, minus the fact that I broke my heel like 10 minutes before I was supposed to walk so the guy I was walking with practically had to carry me down the aisle.

  9. None of the above. But the giant spoon for eating ice cream is ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome.

  10. That’s a very cools story! i have never been a bridesmaid so I have no idea what it entails. I’m a great planner, but not necessarily a great party planner.

  11. Pretty cool that you guys go from roommates to brothers in law.

    I have been best man once, groomsmen twice, and next month I will be groomsmen again. Wow.

    This past weekend I was the groom.

    Being the best man I was very nervous about the speech. I went a different route and said all the good things about him, wanted to show him off to his new brides family.

  12. I have friends that the same thing happened to – except the best man was the groom’s brother. so two sisters ended up marrying two brothers. the kids will all be double cousins!

    one summer i was Maid of Honor twice in 6 days. My sister got married on a saturday, and the following friday my BF got married. Needless to say that was a crazy summer. Lots of planning with twice the number of showers, parties, dresses and gifts.

  13. I don’t go to weddings. Between the ear-splitting band, the lousy food, and the expense of buying gifts and renting a tux (if needed), I always decline the few such invitations I receive. You can save a lot of money by visiting a justice of the peace (as my good friends Carl and Camille did), and guess what? you’re just as married.

    • Not to mention the expense of getting there, the intrusive photographers / videographers, the screaming children, the five hours being stuck at a table with people with whom you have nothing in common (and whom you can’t hear anyway because of the ear-splitting band), the outrage you’re feeling at how much debt the hosts are taking on for this pointless frivolity, etc., etc.

      Give me an hour more and I’ll come up with another 20 reasons. Ditto for sweet 16s, bar mitzvahs, graduation parties, etc. When I was 13 my parents held my bar mitzvah party in our back yard; then like a sensible person I stopped believing in God. Now the typical b.m. is $20-30K and the kid is still 13. When my siblings and I throw our parents their 50th and 60th anniversary parties, we had it at my sister’s back yard and spend $1000 each. It was fine.

  14. “When my siblings and I threw our parents their 50th and 60th anniversary parties, we had them at my sister’s back yard and spent $1000 each. It was fine.”

    Three grammatical errors in one sentence. Wish I could edit my posts here.

  15. Never been a best man. I have been a groomsman before. That was awesome. Such a sweet story my man….are you turning soft on us?? lol That is awesome though how that worked out. Now you will see your buddy all the time at every family function… Score for you!!

  16. my high school buddy introduced me to his wife’s sister. and we now live around the corner from each other it is great! our kids are the same age and growing up together, but the best part of all, is i have a guarnateed teammate at all anoying family functions. Think about it, your SIL could have married anybody with totally different interests than yours and that would have been ok, but you get your college buddy! it makes a big difference.

  17. 2 best men positions and probably about 7 wedding parties. Love the attention!

    I am shocked that at 21 you had a break up and got just junk food?! Did you not booze it up even back then? If you need some help planning a bachelor party you let me know lol I planned a couple of the ones above.

    Bottle Service and Strip Clubs! lol Joking…kinda

  18. I’m late on this one, but I just wanted to say that one of my life goals is to be the best man at a wedding. I don’t really care which wedding, just any wedding.

    If anyone out there needs a best man, hit me up! At the moment it doesn’t look like I have any real opportunities to be a best man for someone I actually know.

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