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Making love with other PF blogs…

So last week I was unable to post because I was out of town on a little business trip. I was stuck in a hotel that didn’t have internet access, so I reached out to a fellow PF blogger and asked if he would guest post for me. My man Jesse at Pffirewall hooked me up with a great article.

Well this week. Mr. Firewall decided he wanted to have a baby. Yesterday morning, he got what he asked for…a daughter (even though he probably was hoping for a boy). Obviously he has been pretty busy being at the hospital with his wifey and supporting her through the birthing process, so he asked if I could return the guest-post-love and provide some material for his site today. You know I had to pay him back so I wrote a fun little article about the cost of bringing a human being in to the world. The result…

…kids are expensive! Check it out here .



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