Made an easy $200 today

I don’t think I have ever mentioned, but I do tutoring in the evenings for local high school families and I must say it pays quite nicely. I charge anywhere from $30 to $50 an hour for high school math and science subjects. I tutored for five hours today and walked away with 200 bones. I am kind of a tutoring whore because I wish I had more free time in the evenings to relax, but when someone offers me 40 bucks to teach one hour of algebra it’s pretty dang hard to say no. If you have some math knowledge get your name out there and make some dollars!!!

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3 thoughts on “Made an easy $200 today”

  1. It is actually your posts on Tutoring that got me reconsidering my relationship with In San Diego I did quite a bit of private tutoring, but when I moved out here, I lost all of my connections. So I went with because it was quick and easy.

    Since it is the end of the semester here, I’ll doubt I’ll get any bites on private tutoring, but I’m jut not trying to get my name out there.

    One of my friends started tutoring with Princeton Review in San Diego, where they were charging $100/hour and she was only seeing $30 of it. So she made a deal with the parents she was tutoring with that they could just pay her the $40/hour. So they saved money and she got more.

    I’m not sure though if going through another company is the way to go, but it may help me get a few contacts that can pass my name around.

    Keep on rockin’ Nazbo, I’m enjoying your blog. =)
    (Though, for some reason, I can only leave comments with IE, Firefox doesn’t let me! So strange.. but I’ve had this problem with other blogs as well, must be the new FF update)

  2. How do you go about getting tutoring positions? Do you just post advertisements in the local school? I've been trying to expand, and I'm not sure the best way to get my name out there.

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