Lucky number 13


It’s 4am. Im one hour in to a twelve hour journey to British Columbia, currently writing this from my phone. needless to say this post is gonna be short. Today I ask a simple question…

What was the 13th most recent purchase on your debit/credit card?

Ours is a $15.94 charge to Red Robin from a birthday lunch.

Alright, your turn. Drop a comment and let us know what the 13th most recent thing was you transacted. (p.s. no hiding or changing no matter how lame, embarrassing, or silly that 13th transaction was)

Something tells me this could get pretty interesting and possibly hilarious.

49 thoughts on “Lucky number 13”

  1. My girlfriend and I rented a car for the day in San Diego. We had to check out of the hotel by noon but our flight was a red-eye that didn’t leave until 10:40pm. We drove to Cabrillo National Monument, Point Loma, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, and La Jolla. It was worth the $52.40 + $20 in gas.

  2. $11.45 from CVS. I was having people over to watch the Olympics and needed some drinks. I was short on time and it is about 5 minutes closer than the grocery store. Needless to say, I probably over spent.

  3. $71.85. My husband bought a mic for himself as birthday present. He got it set up a couple days ago, then remarked to me “It’s amazing how awful your voice sounds when you hear it played back to you.”

  4. $99.44 at Shopper Drug Mart for various potions & lotions for skin care, toiletteries… I hate when I run out of everything at once!

  5. $5 at a local gym for a boot camp class. I canceled my gym membership months ago (at a different gym, because $$$), but still like to go to classes every now and then. It kicked my butt and I was sore for three days, so I haven’t bought another yet.

  6. $32.00 for towing our broken down vehicle from Dinosaur World back to Clearwater. With niece and nephew. In Florida. In July. FUN.

  7. $129.40 at Costco, the most interesting purchase on that reciept is Smuckers Strawberry Lemonade mix for $6.99 🙂 Delicious!

  8. $5.09 at the post office to send out the sparkly belt I bought for our wedding in May and then sold online. So I guess this purchase actually represents a net gain of $64.91 for me. Woot.

  9. $19.77 at Whole Foods. I shop there once a month for specialty items I can’t find elsewhere. I WISH they weren’t so expensive.

    • To elaborate, this would have been tofu, brewers yeast, vegan “cheese” and a bottle of kombucha tea.

  10. $175 dinner for two at Fogo De Chao. We treated ourselves to a wonderful meal, a great bottle of wine and some grappa to go with dessert (would have cost more if it wasn’t restaurant week here!). That includes a very nice tip since our service was beyond excellent. Expensive but totally worth it!

  11. You realize of course that anyone could make up anything to say here, and no one would be the wiser. But in truth: 13th-last credit card purchase: my $26.40 monthly subscrtipion to the New York Times; 13th-last debit card purchase: $18.25 for the Chinese buffet in Huntington, NY. Now if you had asked for my 17th-last debit card purfhase, then I’d be really embarrassed.

  12. $63.24 for a Sunday brunch.

    This is a painful reminder of that morning as my husband’s mom invited us out for brunch, selected the (expensive) restaurant and, while in the past she has always paid, she didn’t this time. Totally surprised me when she didn’t pay and it’s kind of our fault too as we shouldn’t assume, but we did and we were stuck paying $30 each for a brunch that was not worth it. Bit annoyed as the restaurant I suggested was axed in favour of this one and my choice is far cheaper.

  13. $1376 for childcare. They had some delays processing the last few weeks so this was about a months worth.

  14. 44.07 for a subscription to Sports Illustrated … an anniversary present to my husband (and for me!) for our “paper” (one year) wedding anniversary.

  15. OK, here we go. My 13th debit card transaction was buying an airline flight for my boss, from Nice (France) > London. Yep, both his credit card and debit card didn’t go through when I had to do a booking for him (security access question stopped me, twice), so I had to use my poor debt-ridden debit card and paid £458.42 (UK sterling) for the privilege.

    I got the money back from him, I have to say. However, it’s a lesson learned : don’t bail out anyone if you cannot afford to bail out yourself first! 🙂

  16. $38 to my mechanic to check out a cheap car I was considering. Good thing I checked it out, needed a new axle but couldn’t tell until someone put it up on a rack. Passed on the car.

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