Living the high life (limo style)

Every winter, when Girl Ninja and I head north (to Seattle), we try and see as many of our friends as possible. Many of them are married, so we are frequently double dating. Last week, however, we stepped things up a bit and went quintuple dating (five couples). One of my good buddies suggested we take the ladies out for a cruise around downtown Seattle….in a limo. Yeah, that’s right, we are taking high school prom baby, limo status baby. No shame!!!

We ended up renting a ten person stretch limo, to take us on our Epic Date of Epic Epicness. First stop, was at a neat little salad/sandwich shop in Capitol Hill called Homegrown. It’s a completely all-natural, organic, and local eatery. I had a meatloaf BLT (minus the bacon) and it was absolutely INCREDIBLE! It reminded me that as gross as meatloaf looks, it tastes wonderful. Girl Ninja got some vegan sandwich that, in my opinion was mediocre. Total damage for dinner: $25. Here’s a picture of the joint…

With our stomachs full or healthy goodness, we figured it was time to step the romantic meter up a notch and take our lovely wives to one of the more famous look out points in Seattle, Kerry Park. If you ever plan to visit Seattle, YOU HAVE TO GO TO KERRY PARK. It’s seriously one of the best spots in the city. We stayed at the park just long enough to take a handful of pictures. Any longer and I’m convinced my nipples would have fallen off (yes, it was that cold). Instead of just talk about how awesome the view is, it’s probably best to just show you…

After the stop at Karry Park, we hopped back in the limo and cruised around for a bit before we ended up at this fun little dessert shop in Seattle called Dillettante Chocolates. If there is one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I hate chocolate! It’s too darn rich. Nonetheless, I was able to scour the bajillion different dessert options and was quite content to find a very exotic dessert available… vanilla ice cream! Girl Ninja got some chocolate lava cake thingy majigger. We both enjoyed our desserts 🙂 Total damage for dessert: $9. I’ll show ya a picture of the place if you promise me one thing, you won’t drool all over your keyboard.

After an amazing dinner, a great photo opportunity, and some delicious desert, we decided there was only one way to end an almost perfect evening…play Catch Phrase (boys vs girls). The final 45 minutes of the limo ride resulted in an absolute massacre as I don’t think the girls won a single game. Not one game! I couldn’t have dreamed anything better 🙂

Seriously though, for just under $100, I got to spend five hours with some of my closest friends, in a limo, eating healthy food, taking sweet pictures, scarfing down ice cream, and dominating the girls in Catch Phrase. It was probably the best $100 I’ve ever spent. EVER.

What’s the best $100 you’ve spent? When’s the last time you took your significant other out on a non-typical date? What are some clever date ideas I need to explore for Girl Ninja?

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  1. Thank you, I may have to bookmark this (or bug you to find this post again)! When I make it to the States, Seattle is definitely on my list. That chocolate place looks fab.

  2. That’s awesome. Over the past summer, for our third anniversary, we went up to Mackinac Island, in the upper part of Michigan. It’s famous for a couple of things: great fudge and no cars allowed. Everything on the island is done by walking, by bike, or by horse. For our anniversary, we actually did a private one hour tour around the island as our anniversary gift to each other. Totally awesome!

  3. If I do say so myself, one of my talents is throwing the funnest, talk about for years later type of parties. The last big one was for my husband’s 40th. It was way over $100 though. We had a pig roast, fireworks, log tossing, potato gun shooting, cops coming kind of affair. It climaxed at 2 am with an impromptu pickle eating contest of which the losers promptly vomited. It was one of the funniest things I’d ever witnessed. I haven’t really done anything like that since the kids were born. My little one was only 2 months old for the last one.

    Thanks for the article. It reminds me that I should plan something big this year. Some crazy summer party or something. I’ve kind of lost some steam with so many things to juggle.

  4. That sounds like a great time! I havent been to kerry park, but I’ll check it out next time that I get up that direction. and no offense ninja, but that picture doesnt make it look that cold – was that taken at a different time?

  5. What a wonderful way to date! Love the couple idea that was fun. The limo was so cool and the choice of location…can’t be beat at that price.

  6. What an awesome date idea! You’ve inspired me to explore fun places with friends here in Tampa. And, to look into taking a trip to Seattle with my hubby too!

  7. I’ve now put Seattle on our “Bucket List” of places to visit when in the U.S. Karry Park has a spectacular view!

    I’m gonna say the best $100 Hubby and I spend is when we hit the arcade on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, ON; air hockey, skeet ball, basketball and football games… and we give our bounty of tickets to the parent that has a young child so they can get to the prize counter quicker! We also bowl a couple of games at Boston Pizza… while having a cocktail or two 😉 Then it’s a walk to The Falls and lunch… makes for an AWESOME day!!

  8. Thank you for the travelogue, it makes me want to visit Seattle! The best $100 was spent for a birthday party for my daughter a number of years ago. It was the best not for what was spent , but what went on at the party. The memories are priceless.

  9. OMG! Another chocolate hater! A kindred spirit! Most people look at me as if I just sprouted horns when I tell them I don’t like chocolate.

    Funny thing about date nights with my wife, some of the best ones I can think of have been some of the simplest. I nice dinner at a restaurant we’ve never been to before, then a movie (or not) simply enjoying each others company. 🙂

  10. We spend $70 every year for admittance to a 4 day board gaming convention over New Year’s weekend (Thursday-Sunday every year). Despite the fact we only live about an hour away, we also splurge and stay in the hotel where the convention is as well. So it’s really $70 plus another $190-$270 plus food, but totally worth it!

    Other than that, I think the best nights we have had with friends are usually playing board games or having DVD nights while hosting potlucks at each other’s houses. That runs $25-$50 a night for each couple if you are hosting or less than $10-$20 if you’re not. Money well spent either way. 🙂

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