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A little look at this Ninja

Although I blog anonymously, I still try and put a little personality in to each blog post. If you’ve been following me for a while you probably know I have terrible grammar, I overuse the term “douche bag”, I have no financial credentials, and I’m 50% awesome and 50% awkward. In an attempt to further my blogging relationship with you all, I’m gonna use today’s blog post to share a little more about myself (consider this the blogging equivalent of reaching “second base”).

I’m a firm believer in setting and reaching personal goals. Sometimes my goals are serious (ie saving at least 15% of income for retirement), but I also like to set some fun goals. One such fun goal was to do a back flip. I know, it’s a pretty random goal and you might be wondering where did this desire came from? Well I had a friend that could do a backflip and I thought “Hey that’s freakin’ awesome, I want to do that.” Plus, I knew doing a backflip wasn’t going to be easy, and I always like a challenge. 

What good is a goal, if you don’t have to work to achieve it? Well I’m proud to say after a couple of intense backflipping sessions (with a spotter of course) the time came for me to clip my wings and fly, and fly this ninja did. I can now do a backflip. Yesterday, during another epic sunset, I got a little bored and was able to use the 10sec timer feature on my camera to snap this sweet little picture below….

Some of my other “not so serious” life goals include: buying a wiener dog and naming him Mr. Bojangles, getting shot (but not dying), and trying to avoid going bald. I feel like I have a pretty good idea what most of your personal finance goals are, so why don’t we lighten things up and share some silly goals? Do you want to own a kangaroo? Maybe you want to jump out of an airplane? Whatever your crazy awesome goals are, please take some time to share ’em with me, ’cause I want to know!

p.s. don’t get confused by the first picture….Mama Ninja is not a stripper….at least I don’t think she is????

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  1. Whoa that's awesome! Looks like you're getting all kinds of business done on that trip of yours. And an awesome picture!!

    One goal is to visit all seven continents (perhaps not so crazy, but oh yes, that includes Antarctica!). It's still early so I will have to think of some more. Or get some inspiration by other comments. 🙂

  2. I'd like to have my own reality show one day! I'm not sure what it will be about..but it'll be awesome.

    The flip picture is PERFECT!

  3. My crazy goal is to run a marathon in all 50 states and Canada. Unfortunately I'm still training for the first 1/2 marathon so that is a long way off.

  4. That is a really nice shot. You really need to get on that digital camera thing you talked about because you have a creative eye. Get a tripod while you're at it.

    My personal goals are:
    learn to play the piano like Mozart
    learn to moonwalk or at least dance well
    graduate college 😉

  5. Is it strange that I also want to get shot? I have never admitted that to anyone before.

    Sing lead in a band is definitely my most unrealistic and yet desired goal in life. haha

    I'm lucky enough to have a lot of life experiences in my 22 years. Bungee jumping is the way to go if you've never done it.

  6. Awesome photo you took there Ninja.

    1) My first goal is to NOT get shot. What is up with people who want to get shot!?

    2) I'd definitely like to join a band one day, playing covers at pubs at clubs, would be an excellent way to spend a Saturday night, especially if the beer is on the house.

    3) Oh yeah, and to do the tango with a beautiful South American lady. I'd be dressed up in the black suit and all that, she'd have long black hair, a long red dress. I need to learn to dance first though

  7. Thanks for the drawing clarification and congrats on the back flip.

    My goal is to do one of those walk across England vacations. I'd also like to be my grandson's favorite grandma — hard at work on that one!

  8. Ninja, awesome post. My favorite part: "getting shot (but not dying), and trying to avoid going bald." I'm failing miserably on the second part of that, but totally get the first part. I also think it'd be cool to survive a crocodile or shark attack. good work on the blog, while you have perhaps a different writing style (far superior!), I think we probably target the same people – I'm at – and after reading this post, consider me a new and loyal reader. Well done on the back flip. Always wanted to do that.

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