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Learn the Art of Penny Stock Trading

Penny stocks have a low value for a reason. The companies behind them are worth very little money, with many of them on the brink of bankruptcy. With so little value, how do people trade penny stocks and become millionaires? Well, not everyone does, but those who do succeed are able to recognize patterns, and they know when sell and buy at just the right time.

Even though penny stocks are considered risky and volatile, they’re a great way to introduce yourself to the world of trading. It’s an art that you can learn to master with patience and a keen eye for patterns.

Do Your Research

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Successful penny stock trading begins with doing your research. No matter the penny stock you’re considering, you need to weigh your expected gains against any fundamental factors that could impact the company. Does the company have a high buy-out potential? What does its debt look like? Does it have a sustainable cash flow? Even if the company’s stock is currently starting to rise, that doesn’t mean it will continue. Oftentimes, when the value of the stock falls, it plummets, causing investors to carry a huge loss.

Don’t Listen to Promoters

There’s one thing that remains true among all strong companies that achieve success — they focus their attention on the product and the customer. They will spend thousands of dollars promoting their brands, but they won’t direct their funds on promoting their stocks.

If you receive an email or a newsletter telling you to invest in a certain penny stock, this is a clear indicator to leave it alone. These companies are simply trying to pump up their stock real quick and then they’ll sell it, leaving you with a loss. Penny stocks worth investing in will come from companies that increase in value due to their product and customer service, not through the promotion of their stocks.

Keep It Slow and Steady

Probably the No. 1 tip you can follow when learning the art of penny stock trading is to not borrow money. When you take a loss, the last thing you want to do is worry about having to cover a debt. You should also avoid dumping all of your money into a single stock. Instead, diversify your investments. Yes, this may mean you pass up investing a huge amount of money into a particular stock that goes on to do extremely well, but it also means you minimize your losses on the ones that don’t perform well.

Perform Industry Life-Cycle Analysis

Performing an industry life-cycle analysis is essential to your success as a penny stock trader. It helps you pinpoint companies that are in the pioneering phase, meaning the demand for their products and services is low right now but will increase later. When more market attention comes their way throughout the next few years, their stocks will skyrocket in value due to investors picking them up left and right.

Penny stock trading has its risks, but it’s a viable way to supplement your income. Some people even make a full-time career out of this type of trading. In addition to the tips outlined above, finding a penny stock broker you trust is key to learning the art of penny stock trading.



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