Well that’s kinda clever.

Just watched this video about Coin; An alternative way to handle multiple credit/debit cards. It looks awesome. 


Oh and if you want some content today, go check out this Yahoo article I was featured in. I had to give them a fake name since they refused to put Ninja in the article. Apparently the editor wasn’t too fond of it. Haha.



10 thoughts on “Well that’s kinda clever.”

    • Yeah I guess if you travel abroad frequently that could be a bit of an issue. But if it still helps reduce from seven cards down to two or three that’s legit.

      My primary question is can you remote wipe it? If I unknowingly lose a single credit card, I’ve lost a single credit card. If I lose a Coin, is it the same as losing all 6 of my cards that are on it? Or with the app could you remote wipe it so it can’t be used? If that’s not a feature it needs to be! I’d buy it just for that reason alone!

  1. I’d rather have a phone with NFC and security tided into the OS. If my phone locks no one can use it to buy things and if it is lost or stolen I can remote wipe it. Currently my phone can control my thermostat and my entertainment electronics so having NFC would be the next logical step for me.

  2. Now your waiter or waitress can swipe your info and more easily use your card to buy their gas on the way home. It’s a thief’s dream come true!

  3. How easy would it be for your checker to accidentally hit the button and change the card you are using? If a $1500 purchase went onto my debit instead of credit card, it would make a big difference to me. Thanks, but I’ll keep the multiple cards I have.

  4. That’s interesting, but I don’t get how you choose which card to use when you swipe it? I think about the card swipe the grocery store and it only has a debit and credit choice on it – so if you have several credit cards (I have personal and work) how do you differentiate. Did I miss that part?

  5. There’s still a few security features that need to be worked out. The ability to accidentally hit the button and swap cards is a big one that people are bringing up. There’s also the opportunity to add an extra layer of security, and solve the button problem at the same time. By having a sort of PIN interface on the card itself, then make it so that a single card can only be activated for X minutes, and that switching cards requires entering the pin. Both problems solved.

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