John Hancock Investments Has A Different Approach

As one of America’s most trusted brands, dating back to 1862, John Hancock’s core mission is to pursue client financial goals. That’s why they hold their financial advisors to the highest standards, with vigorous overisght of their managers and funds.

With nearly $132 billion in assets under management across 4.4 million shareholder accounts, keeping customers happy is essential to what John Hancock does. And the way they do that is with elite asset managers, portfolio teams, and over 100 investment strategies, so no matter what your financial goals, they’ve got an approach that will fit your needs.

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  1. Dude, seriously? What is even going on here? If this is some kind of a joke, I think it’s gone on too long… If it’s not, then it’s a level of cluelessness so epic it’s hard to fathom.

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