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IWTYTBR Giveaway

What’s up you filthy sick nasty bloggers? I am out of town all week and won’t be able to respond to emails or comments until I return. I have two great guest posts lined up for Tuesday and Wednesday this week so be sure to check back for those. I’ll also be roundin’ up the PF mad libbing that turned out to be way more popular than I ever intended on Thursday. And Friday’s post is going to require the input of you PF bloggers after I share a secret. Even though I’m out of town, the blogging must go on

I got my hands on a copy of I Will Teach You To Be Rich (IWTYTBR) a couple weeks ago and recently finished it. I really enjoyed the read. My first personal finance read was the Total Money Makeover (TMM). I loved that book, but wasn’t completely sold on all of Dave Ramsey’s plan. IWTYTBR has a lot of the same information as the TMM, but is better catered to my personal preferences. For example, I use credit cards, I am fine with the idea of having 6 months in savings before paying down all debt, and I wouldn’t mind doing a little investing in bonds and other non-stock investment options. I find Dave’s book to lack some of the flexibility that Ramit allows. Ramit focuses on making personal finance PERSONAL and allows the reader the freedom to customize basic financial principles with their goals and desires.

I’m gonna stop the summary here, but know that I enjoyed the book and I would advise you give it a try. For one lucky reader, there won’t be a need to purchase it though, ’cause I’m giving my copy away. A couple of the pages may be folded over (that’s how I mark my place), but the book is in rather excellent condition and even smells like me 🙂 So if you are a frugal bastard and want a chance to get it for frizzle (ebonics for free). All you have to do is drop me a comment telling me the most attractive quality about someone of the opposite sex. Only one comment per person and you have to include your name and or blog as the commenter (no anonymous comments). The winner will be picked on Sunday morning, so you have a good six days to enter. Good luck peeps 🙂



  1. I have a thing about how jeans look at the ankles… if the boyz pass the test there then anything they wear will look good =]

  2. I would have to go with skin texture and tone. If it's clean, smooth, even tone and fairly touchable, I'm in. Color doesn't matter for this. A great genuine smile is next!

  3. Lyddzz, that is a new attraction factor I wouldn't have considered.

    I like boyz with high cheek bones, structured face (think David Bowie). Oh ya, and I melt for English boys. Maybe its that damn accent.

  4. in reply to Money Funk: haha yes its something most people don't look at (ankles/jeans) but i'm like one in a million who does… maybe it's because when in my awkard teenage years I would walk with my head down? wow… no need for a psych visit today! just joking =]

  5. This is a little weird but…If a cute guy has an amazing natural scent without cologne then I'm all over it!

    My current SO's body chemistry sits so well with me that even if he hasn't showered in a day or two or is super sweaty from the gym I am STILL attracted to his scent. I've never smelled any BO type of smell on him.

    It is RIDICULOUS, albeit a little gross, but true. And I'm very happy. Haha! 🙂

  6. Quite an interesting topic here. I have to say I am a leg man, and of course booty. When my wife wears something tight around the thighs, oh baby

  7. I like my SO's ability to manage his personal finance, invest, and do great at his job.

    His green/blue eyes too :0


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