Is Vaping CBD Oil Safe?

Vaping has become a popular way to consume CBD oil over recent years. That’s because vaping is convenient, smokeless, and a fast-acting way of getting the daily dose of CBD. But, is vaping CBD safe?

Well, there is no straightforward answer to this question. The safety of CBD vaping depends on several factors. Currently, the industry is mainly under-regulated. Many companies have flooded the market with CBD oils and vaping devices. It is bad and good news for anybody that wants to vape CBD oil.

The good news is that consumers have more products to choose from. And the bad news is that these CBD products like oil are mostly unregulated. Some suppliers can, therefore, cut corners to come up with products whose safety ratings are dubious.

CBD vape juice (read review) is a popular market segment of this cannabinoid. Currently, many manufacturers are producing this product that is designed for vaping. But, how safe is vaping this juice or oil?

Why Some People Consider Vaping CBD Oil Safe

Some people have always preferred vaping CBD oil for the following varied reasons:

Less Toxic

One of the major reasons to consider vaping CBD oil instead of smoking weed is to avoid the toxic elements found in smoke. When a person vaporizes CBD oil, they may ingest less toxic byproducts or carcinogenic products. But this depends on the used product.

Dosing Accuracy

Vaping CBD oil makes it easy for a person to determine their daily dose with accuracy. It is different from other methods of consuming CBD like oral consumption or smoking marijuana. It is especially important when using CBD for chronic health issue management.

Cannabinoid Retention

Vaping leaves a higher amount of cannabinoid in the body when compared to raw marijuana smoking. That means a consumer wastes fewer cannabinoids when they vape than when they smoke.

Why Some People Consider Vaping CBD Oil Unsafe

Some individuals have always preferred other methods of getting the health benefits of CBD over vaping the oil for different reasons. These include the following:

No Regulations in Place

A significant safety concern for anybody that wants to vape CBD oil is the fact that there are no regulations for this product in place. That means nobody is telling manufacturers what to do and what to avoid. So far, no single ingredient, product, or brand has been pinpointed as the cause of more than 1,000 reported cases of pulmonary injury that has been associated with vaping. However, it’s known that most affected patients vaporized illicit vape products. That means they consumed unregulated products.

Tests showed that the majority of the products that caused EVALI, previously known as VAPI, had vitamin E acetate. It is vitamin E oil that is safe for use in skincare products but unsafe for inhalation. Consumers can’t reasonably expect illegal marijuana vape dealers to test their products for the safety of their users or share lists of their ingredients.

And, consumers can’t expect the same transparency or testing from the manufacturers of CBD vape oil derived from the hemp plant either. So, whether a consumer purchases CBD oil from a vape shop, a website, or a specialty store, it’s still unregulated. There’s no limit for reckless industry players when it comes to producing and labeling their products as containing CBD.

No Long-Term Studies Have Been Done Yet

One of the significant benefits and reasons to use the best CBD vape juice for vaping is the quick action onset. The effect of CBD is experienced within five to ten minutes. When vaping, a person can titrate their dose effectively. It is not easy when using an oral or sublingual application. Most vapers prefer juice or oil for which CO2 or ethanol was used to extract CBD.

But, there are potential drawbacks to this. So far, no long-term research has been conducted to determine the safety of vaping CBD oil. That means the long-term effects of vaping CBD oil are still unknown. Many manufacturers and experts recommend that people with respiratory issues like COPD and asthma avoid vaping because it can exacerbate their problem.

CBD Legality is Unclear

CBD sales have skyrocketed over recent years. But, the government agencies have also taken incremental steps in regulating the CBD industry. It has left consumers and industry operators in a grey area legally.

Hemp-derived CBD was removed from the Controlled Substances Act by the 2018 Farm Bill. That means the substance was declassified as a dangerous and controlled and without medical uses. But, the bill classified it as an agricultural product and, therefore, legal under federal law. At the same time, the FDA had a public hearing where manufacturers, researchers, and patients shared their experiences with hemp-derived CBD.

The industry is now waiting for a regulation time for the CBD. Nevertheless, CBD considers domestic CBD sales as a nutritional supplement or food additive illegal. However, the authority is yet to enforce this law. Therefore, operators adhere to these broader rules depending on their categories, whether that is supplements, cosmetics, or food.

Things get more complicated because the FDA has not regulated vaping so far. Since the FDA considers CBD illegal, it also views vaping pretty hostilely. Thus, even the best CBD vape oil might have a hard time getting the approval of the FDA in the future.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to the safety of vaping CBD oil, it’s important to note that no conclusive, adequate research has been done to show the long-term effects of the cannabinoid. Thus, it’s still too early to say whether vaping CBD oil is safe or not. What’s more, the quality of the CBD oil or the hemp plant from which it is derived matters. The products used to produce the oil and additives added to it can affect the consumer negatively. Therefore, a consumer should be keen to purchase the best CBD oil for vaping. But, even with this attention, it’s still not easy to determine with the exactness that a product is pure CBD oil. That’s because the industry is mostly unregulated, and the legality of CBD is unclear.