Im quitting my job for blogging!

Okay, no I’m not, but wouldn’t that have been random if I was? As I do on most Fridays, I would like to pose a question. Would you quit your job right now for equal pay as a full time blogger?

My answer…. Hell to the No. At first thought, the deal seams pretty enticing. Full time blogging would allow me to work from home, flexibility in schedule, and be actively engaged in something I enjoy. On second thought, though, I realized I already have all of those sweet perks with my current job.

Ya see, I would have to give up my current work and any other future career advancement in the field I love. Although I do think making bank via blogging would be pretty sick, I imagine I would burn out pretty quickly and be “blogged-out” within a couple of months.

There is also a huge difference between a hobby and a job. Blogging for me is something I like to do in my free time, when I want to. I would dread waking up knowing I had to provide amazing content every day so I could afford to pay my rent. I enjoy eating pizza, but I would never want to be a professional pizza eater (okay, maybe I would, for like a day).

So for me, blogging is a fun hobby. I get to interact with some pretty incredible people. I’ve really enjoyed the awesome welcome in to the PF community over the last six months. But don’t expect me to be coming out with a book any time soon ever, or posting articles three times a day. So back to the oringinal questions….Would you quit your job right now for equal pay as a full time blogger?

8 thoughts on “Im quitting my job for blogging!”

  1. I agree with you–I wouldn't take that deal either. I would feel restricted and obligated to write, whereas now I just do it because I like it and enjoy it! Of course, if blogging gave me the same income as my full-time job, that'd be pretty sweet.

    Have a good labor day weekend! 🙂

  2. If it paid what I currently make now, I would have to say…Hell to the Yeah, where do I sign. But ask me in a week when the particular project that I am working on is over and I might change my mind. 🙂

  3. I would do it without a doubt. I love writing, and if I had more time for it, then I could produce some amazing content. *sigh* Oh the dream.

  4. I would do it in a heartbeat – as long as when you say, "paid what you are now" includes my benefits. I need the health insurance. But would I leave my job to blog? You bet.

  5. Does it have to be good blogging? I would totally blog what I ate for breakfast each day and how much VH1 I watched for my currently salary.

  6. While blogging for a living does sound like a very intriguing way to make a living, it seems like it might get a bit lonely after awhile.

    I need a job with some human interaction!

    All blog and no play make money grubber a dull boy.

  7. I would take it in a heart beat. I like my job but in a utilitarian kind of way. It fills the need I have for money. If I could fill that need blogging that would give me the money and the time to work on other things in life that I would love to do but cant as I stand now.

  8. While the idea is tempting, I actually LOVE my day job about 95% of the time. I won't get rich working there, but I work with a fantastic group of people and enjoy what I do. Blogging is strictly a fun way to pass time and something that helps me stay motivated in paying off debt.

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