I’m on a boat.

I totally lied. I’m not on a boat at all, but saying “I’m on a plane” just doesn’t have the same effect. That’s right beautiful people, this Debt Ninja is on his way to Hawaii. I will be staying the night in beautiful Waikiki and then waking up early Friday morning to continue on to the Marshal Islands. It’s time for the business trip to begin.

This is my first time leaving the North American continent, so I must admit I’m pretty freakin’ excited. I will be abroad for six weeks returning on Halloween. I wrote earlier this week that I think I will have dial-up interent, and I still believe that to be true, but….there is a chance that I will have no internet at all, so this post might be up for 44 straight days. If that’s the case, I expect you all to be eagerly anticipating my return.

As I was packing tonight I had a few “holy crap” moments where I almost forgot some valuables. Here is a quick list of must-haves for any trip.

  1. Chargers for all electronic accessories.
  2. Underwear (almost forgot that one)
  3. Personal Shampoo (the hotel stuff sucks)
  4. Digital Camera
  5. Q-tips
  6. Beef Jerky

I’m really excited to embark on this little journey, but there are definitely some things I am going to miss like: the internet, cell phone reception, burritos, my car, Girlfriend Ninja, you bloggers, and Hannah Montana. As much as I don’t want to, I bid you all farewell and hopefully we will be able to stay in touch while I’m gone. Drop me a line and let me know all the foreign countries you’ve been to, ’cause I bet ya’ll have been to some pretty fantastic places!!!

I leave you with a random video of this Ninja Cat…

Take care,

12 thoughts on “I’m on a boat.”

  1. All the countries I've visited:

    Portugal — Was my first time in Europe just last month!

    And next year will be France & England.

  2. Ninja Cat is pretty freaking awesome and super stealth.

    I've been to:

    Have a safe trip!

  3. Don't kid yourself. Hannah Montana is probably in the Marshal Islands. You might not get to see the show, but I bet she has found a way to infiltrate herself somehow.

  4. I've been to Mexico, England, France, Switzerland, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Greece, Canada, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands and Jamaica.

    The Marshall Islands sound pretty good right about now. Enjoy and we'll miss you!

  5. Americas: US, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico
    Oceania: Australia
    Europe: Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, France, Spain, England
    Africa: Benin, Togo, Ghana, Niger, Kenya, Madagascar.

  6. Have a great time! What an awesome opportunity. =)

    My countries: Mexico, Canada, Bahamas, Bonaire, England, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium.

    And I can't wait to go somewhere new!

  7. Canada and Mexico. Two places I can drive. I'm terrified to ride in an airplane. Well, that's not really true. I'm terrified of falling from the sky at a high rate of speed.

    I'm gonna miss you Debt Ninja

  8. awesome video, hope you have a wonderful time on you trip.

    I have been to Canada….and Canada. yup. I've only been in AB/BC too! So un-cultured am I.

  9. I'm on a plane! I'm on a plane! Take a good hard look at the mothafuckin plane!

    I can't believe nobody has said that yet…. sheesh… am I the only one here that got the joke?

  10. I haven't been to any foreign countries yet…unless you count Tijauana, and I don't think anyone does.

    I heart Ninja Cat!

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