I’m in Diego trick

Got in to San Diego last night to visit with the hottest chick I know, Girl Ninja. We plan to have an awesome weekend. I hope you have an equally awesome couple days.

p.s. I have a phone interview today for a job in the private sector. Keep your fingers crossed I don’t have a random Tourette’s moment and start randomly cursing in the middle of one of the interview questions 🙂

Peace love and chicken grease!

11 thoughts on “I’m in Diego trick”

    • Nice! My girlfriend is coming to visit me in that great city come August. Long distance relationships are tough but they’re worth it. She, thankfully, has a girlfriend to stay with here. It’s worked out really well. It’s definitely a beautiful city–enjoy it dude!

  1. Why all the angst over GN paying for Seattle interview expenses and none on a San Diego weekend for you? What is your justification? Just asking. (I realize you have more than enough money to afford them both.)

    • We used airline miles for this ticket months ago. With girl ninjas ticket we had a few days to find airfare. She was in Seattle for less than 48 hours. I’m in San Diego all weekend. Her trip was for a job interview. Mine was for us to see each other. Her trip was just a few days before this one. Those are the reasons for the angst.

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