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I’m a happy camper

What is the deal with sad people? I am thoroughly convinced some people choose to be miserable. Well maybe they don’t wake up and think “I hope today is a terrible day” but they definitely let little things bother them more than the average ninja.

I had to take a three hour, seven hundred question, psychological exam the other day and it made me realize something. I’m a pretty freakin’ content individual. Now I know that I have a lot to be thankful for: steady job, good income, loving family, and blue eyes, but I don’t know why some people prefer negativity.

I got friends that complain about their job, school, love life, finances, etc. I realize some people’s lives are more difficult, but that doesn’t mean they have to choose misery.  After all, as bad as you may think your life is, there’s probably someone out there thats got it worse.

I’ll just be honest. I don’t really like being around negative people at all. Now I’m assuming most of us probably prefer to avoid Negative Nancy, but how do you deal with them if you are around them frequently? I have tried talking with them, but they seem to just bring me down. They don’t want advice ’cause they say things like “You don’t understand.” Do you cut them out of your life? Do you remain patient and try and preach happiness? Do you slap them across the face and say “Quit your whining sucker!” If I see Nancy again, I’m gonna kick her in the elbow. 



  1. I have a co-worker like that. Mostly everything she says is negative. She's the type of person that can't take a compliment without turning it into a negative. I just don't say much to her now.

  2. My boyfriend always tells me: "Make it a great day. Or not. The choice is your's." 🙂 It's all about your attitude.

  3. I cut them out of my life.

    When I was 23 I realized that I had no need for people in my life who didn't make it better.

    It was a horrible realization actually, because it meant that I wasn't going to please everyone and that I couldn't be friends with everyone.

    But I had one "friend" who was so negative and always brought my life down. He added NOTHING to my existence but the desire to cut him into small pieces the next time he said ANYTHING negative.

    So I realized it was better for ME to cut him out. And once I cut out him it was easier to not please all the other negativers out there who wanted to bring me down.

    I have A LOT less people in my life, but the ones that I do have make me so happy and make my life exceptionally enjoyable. =)

    Nearly seven years later, I don't regret kicking negative guy out of my life one bit!

  4. Amen brotha. I enjoy being happy and I totally don't get Nancy either. Nancy needs to go for a run and take a B vitamin or something. Either that or find a man.

  5. I'm on the "cut of out my life" train. Those folks bring me down and make me unhappy. Why be around them? Sometimes you can't help it, especially if they are family members, but I try to minimize the contagiousness of negativity as much as I can.

  6. It was nice knowin' ya, Ninja. My real name is Negative Nancy and I take my obligation to living up to the name very seriously.

  7. Depends on the degree of negativity…and the relationship. If it's a co-worker, I just try to minimize contact and avoid all personal questions. If it's a constant stream of crap and it's not a family member, I cut 'em off after trying to talk to them. If it's a family member, I'm stuck, but I'm pretty good at ignoring their crap.

  8. It's hard to be happy every day. I make the choice each day to try to be happy, but some days are easier than others. Please don't kick me in the elbow!

  9. Interesting, because I'm a Negative Nancy. Not all the time, I usually stay positive on actual questions and issues, but just in general, I often find myself more content with being miserable, prefer to be miserable, find things to be easier while miserable… It's easier to be miserable.

    Then again, I have problems in the head.

  10. It's because your eyes are blue. Mine are brown…..not so happy.

    Alright, I'm kidding.

    While its easy to say "cut them out", I wouldn't jump to that right away. Sometimes people go through rough patches, or bouts of "depression"….I think the worst thing you could do is cut them out. I'm speaking from my own experiences. I go through those phases, and its easy for me to shrink back from others, when the best solution would be for others to reach out to me and get me out of that funk.

    Anyway, in general I agree…negativity only brings you down.

    Oh, you know what cheers people up? Exercise!! (When I start getting depressed, its often tied to how I'm eating and how much I'm exercising. Interesting, huh?)

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