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Two months ago, I asked for your help with a pretty significant life decision. I was given a conditional offer of employment to work for a different government agency. It was pretty much an offer for my dream job. The dilemma came, however, with the stipulations of the offer. I had to be willing to relocate at the needs of the agency. Big problem for me, seeing that I really really really want to end up moving back to the Seattle area.

I’m glad to say I have finally reached a decision and am pursuing the job. Actually, I have always been pursuing the job, but I have finally reached a point of contentment knowing that I could end up working in Blue Ball, Pennsylvania (it is a real place) and be a happy Special Agent Ninja.

Although my two goals (residence and employment) conflicted, I was easily able to chose employment as my focus. Why? It’s simple really. There is a possibility I could be sent to work in Seattle, thus killing two birds with one stone. The second reason: Even if I do get sent to Blue Ball, PA, there isn’t anything saying that I wont fall in love with that area. Just because it’s not where I wanted to be, doesn’t mean I can’t have a good life.

I was caught up thinking that Seattle was the only place I could begin my adult life, but now understand that there are plenty of other places that could be pretty sweet. If I give up the position, I’ll spend the rest of my life wondering what I was missing out on.

It seems like the vote was split on my last post. About half saying they would relocate in a minute for their dream job, while the other half said it would be very difficult to think about leaving their town. If you didn’t respond to the last article, drop me a line and let me know what you would do. Dream job or dream location?



  1. Just so you know, right near Blue Ball is a town called Intercourse. 😉 And Paradise. And Bird-in-Hand, too. I spent four years living in Lancaster… it's ok but it's DEFINITELY no Seattle. If you're into the cultural life or night life or anything, there will be some of it in Lanc city, but not in the surrounding areas.

  2. I went for the job, and I love it. But I do miss San Diego (that is MY dream location, however, I could also "settle" for Seattle). I'm in the Midwest, and that sucks, but every day (almost) I love coming into work – so that doesn't make it blow 5 days out of 7.

    Thankfully I know that in two years I will HAVE to move somewhere else, so that keeps the dream alive!

    What about your Lady Ninja? What does she think about this decision?

  3. Go with the job (for now), get some great experience and meet some great people. If you don't love where you wind up – ask to be transferred in a few years. If transferring is not an option take your experience and find a new job in the dream city.

  4. Jessie's comment gets my vote – you're really in the driver's seat – eary enough in your career that this dream job could having a lasting/meaningful impact on your career. And moving later gets more complicated…Build your skills, go for it!

  5. Totally go for the job. You will never know if you'll like blue ball or not, but changing to a different lifestyle from the one you currently live could help you grow as a person. Plus, usually government salaries are the same across the board, and I bet living in blue-ball is cheaper than SD

  6. I'm a city person, so it would be very hard for me to move to Blue Ball. I could move to pretty much any major city, but the city/rural move would not work for me.

    I think it's always important to consider social and dating opportunities in the new location. You should always be networking with people who don't do the same work as you, and that's a lot harder to do in that kind of town.

    Of course, if you don't go to them anyway, then you're not losing much.

  7. Thanks all for backing me up. It reassures that I am not making a stupid choice.

    @SS4BC – Lady Ninja and I sat down and chatted about it. She was hesitant at first because we are both originally from seattle and think it would be pretty sweet to settle down there….but she did say she was willing to relocate if I really wanted it. I love that sexy little ninja girl 🙂

  8. You probably aren't thinking about this yet, but the school district in Blue Ball is Eastern Lancaster County School district. My wife grew up there and I can say that the schooling leaves much to be desired. But there are plenty of other good school districts around there. Also, what government job is in Blue Ball, PA. I definitely think that's the middle of nowhere. Let me know if you need to know any thing else about that area since I grew up 30 minutes from there.

  9. I'm with Kevin – what the heck government agency is in Blue Ball!? Or New Holland. Ephrata? Doubt it. I think you're really going to Lancaster but just wanted to say Blue Ball.

    Oh, and start practicing now, before you make a total ass out of yourself – It's pronounced LAN-kis-ter, not LAN-CAS-ter. And Lebanon (where I'm at, just a hop, skip and a jump north) is LEB'nin, not LEB-AH-NAHN.

    Trust me, you'll love central PA – this place is great. And we can go out drinking together. Or something. Screw the west coast! Come party with me and see how much my Debt Sucks ;-D

  10. Sorry if I was confusing. I didn't mean I was literally being sent to Blue Ball, PA, but simply by me accepting this position I could be placed anywhere in the US, including Blue Ball. I tried to make that clear in my post when I mentioned I could still potentially be located to Seattle. Sorry if I was confusing, but at this point I have no reason to believe I will actually be working in PA 🙂

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