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Im getting married again

Typing this from the plane. They are yelling at me telling me to turn my electronic device off, but they’ll just have to wait three seconds. By the time you read this I’ll be in San Diego for the last time.

Today Girl Ninja and I begin our four day, 1,200 mile journey to Washington. I’m not super excited about making the drive for a second time in four months, but it’s worth it considering I get to live with my wife again. No post today, but before i get arrested for violating FAA rules, I leave you with a question…

What’s was your favorite childhood TV show?

(the correct answer is Boy Meets World)

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  1. Thundarr the Barbarian

    In the future please refrain from asking me any inane questions I could cover in a first date or have as little to do with personal finance as Rick Santorum’s chance of winning the Presidency. Thanks.

  2. Hilarious House of Frightenstein; Dad and I would wake up Sat. mornings at 6AM to watch it; I was also partial to “Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour”.

    Wishing you and GN a safe journey!!

  3. While you can’t dispute the merits of Boy Meets World, the best tv show of my childhood has to be, hands down…Full House…

    I’ve started following Candace Cameron (AKA DJ Tanner) on twitter, and it’s like re-living the days of my youth!

    • I recently visited San Francisco and saw the Full House house! I did some amazing stuff while I was out there, but I would say that was probably the highlight of my trip 🙂 Great show!

  4. Can we get an update on how your interview went? I think many people would like insight on how you did with a private sector interview. I’m an HR nerd so I am overly interested.



  5. Bugs Bunny/Road Runner was great. I loved F Troop and Hogan’s Heroes. There were several others that I watched but those are the ones that I search the internet to watch again.

  6. I don’t think so, Ninja, I’ve gotta say Home Improvement!

    (the first line was a reference to the show, also)

  7. I loved Boy Meets World! Especially liked watching his bro also on The Wonder Years.

  8. I didn’t really watch a lot of TV as a kid. I mostly played outside in the dirt or somewhere on the farm. However, I did quite enjoy Saturday morning cartoons, especially Bugs Bunny, The Littles, The Smurfs, and The Weekenders.

  9. I’m apparently the only reader who is 50+. Both Lost in Space and Batman appeared on the same night at the same time back in 1966. Batman narrowly wins out. Of course, I had to arm wrestle my sisters for control of the TV to watch either of them–Petticoat Junction was on the third network at the same time…

  10. Doug before school and Saved by the Bell after school. Can’t believe no one has mentioned Doug yet, I mean come on Skeeter, pork chop, and patty mayonaise…hello

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