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I’m feeling freaky this Friday

I dedicate this blog post to Friday. Here’s to you Friday! You’re my favorite workday of the week 🙂

We’ve all seen this movie before. Two people wake up one day and have mysteriously switched places. Freaky Friday, The Hot Chick, and my personal favorite…It Takes Two (gotta love them pre-anorexic Olsen twins) are just a few of the movies that I can recall where this phenomenon is depicted. How creepy would it be to wake up one day and think all is good until you look in the mirror and see you are trapped in you mother’s body?! Pretty stinkin’ weird if you ask me. This naturally lead me to ponder “Who would I want to wake up as on this lovely friday morning?”

The answer: The President. Clinton, Bush, Obama, I don’t care which president, but how freakin’ interesting would it be to spend one day in their shoes? It’s gotta be the hardest job in the world…except possibly being a pig sperm collector (no really, it’s an actual profession). How weird would it be to wake up and have your entire day planned out for you. Furthermore, not only is your day already scheduled, but most of what comes out of your mouth that day is also prepared for you. Could you imagine having an entire entourage telling you where to be, what to say, what to eat, and when you can take a bathroom break?

I think if I woke up in the President’s shoes (but still had my brain and thought process) I would spend all day trying to outrun/hide from Secret Service. I’ve always wondered what it would be like knowing there are 30+ guys watching your every move. I would probably spend my entire day messing with them. I’d be like “Hey I’m just gonna go to the bathroom” and then I would try to sneak out the ventilation system. Could you imagine the poor agent that would have to make the phone call “Uh, we lost the president.”

 My first order of business, outside of playing hide and seek with the secret service, would be to institute an American Debt Free policy; essentially mandating that our country be able to operate without borrowing money by the year 2015. It probably wouldn’t logistically work, but I would make darn sure that I spent my one day trying to instill the idea of living within your means to the American people. Wait, I would be The Freakin’ President of the United States of America, I wouldn’t have to instill it, I would just mandate it and sign it in to law…. failure to operate debt free would be punishable by death, or at least a slap across the face. Ahh, to think what it would be like to be the most powerful person in the country for just one day.

How bout it debt punchers, who would you want to wake up as on this lovely friday morning. Rosie O’donnel? Brad Pitt? The guy that invented underwear? Drop me a comment  ’cause I’m dying to know where your curiosity lies.



  1. Just to be picky: It Takes Two doesn’t have a mysterious switch. They switch places on their own in a Price and Pauper/Parent Trap way to see how the other lives.

  2. Touche, I overlooked that fact. I guess it still works though because they look the same and no one knew about the switch, but you are correct they didn’t wake up in someone else’s shoes. Great movie though 🙂

  3. Hey Ninja, you'd make a good prez. In my opinion brining down the national debt of the US should be one of, if not the, highest priority of the Government. I saw a movie called I.O.U.S.A all about the national debt, it's worth a watch.

  4. Who the heck would want to wake up as Rosie O’Donnel? Seriously… That’s just… no.

  5. @ Josh- Dude, come to America and vote for me…at least I would get one vote 🙂

    @ Jake- I guess the upside to being Rosie for a day…you would appreciate your life much more the next 🙂

  6. That or throw yourself in front of a bus. I suppose I could spend an entire day trying to completely ruin her reputation, but she does a pretty good job of that on her own.

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