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I want to give money to this homeless dude!

If I owned a company, I would probably have to hire this guy as the head of my marketing and advertising division. We have all seen the homeless person with the sign that says “Not gonna lie, need money for beer.” or “Will work for pot.” But if I ever come across a homeless guy with a sign that says ninjas stole his family and he wants to learn karate, you better believe I’ll empty my pockets for him. Why? Because he provided me with a good chuckle and I’m always down to support someone who makes me laugh. Oh, and because I want him to get his family back of course 😉

It’s pictures like this that remind me effective marketing can go a long way (this homeless guy is actually semi famous in the seattle area for his hilarious signs). So weather you own a giant corporation or a blog that only reaches out to three visitors a day , standing out from the rest and making people laugh can go a long way.

Side note:

While looking at this picture I also started to wonder what PF bloggers personal take is on giving money to the homeless. I use to empty my pockets whenever I was asked for some spare change, but in the last two years I have tightened up on who I give money to. This shift occurred after I watched an interview with a former homeless person turned business baller.

He said, although he was homeless, he never begged for money. Instead he took advantage of the multiple ministries and social programs designed to benefit the poor. He was able to use these programs to land a job, find a place to rent, and eventually start running a company. He refuses to give money to the homeless, saying, if they wanted to change their life, there are plenty or programs and opportunities for them to do so. I tend to agree with this view (although I do still occasionally cough up some cash). When approached by someone asking for money, I feel much more comfortable offering to buy them dinner or water instead (at least that way I know where my money is going).

At times I still feel guilty after turning down a solicitation for money. Is this normal? What are your views on giving to the homeless? I’m a huge fan of supporting charities and ministries, but just don’t know how I feel on this topic.



  1. I am the Executive Director of a homeless center in SW Missouri. My experience with panhandlers who flash signs is this: Whatever the sign, we have offered aid 15 plus times. We have been turned down in every instance except one in the last six years. The people want the money for ??? but they don’t want the food or gas or housing that is offered. It is much better to offer aid. I would strongly suggest that you not give money.

  2. Anonymous- That’s interesting that you say that. It definitely helps with the guilt if I know they are refusing legitimate services.

  3. I definitely don’t give money because of my experience with homeless centers and programs. Instead, we feed a couple meals each week and point them towards programs that can help.

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