I suck at life…

It’s like 11:09pm and I’m exhausted (I write my posts the night before they go up). I worked a solid 11 hour day, wrote a guest post for another website, and I’m entirely too lazy to write another article here.

So today, I want to keep it real simple and just poke your brain. I’m gonna start three separate sentences and I would love for you to finish each in the comments below. It may seem, juvenile, but it could also prove to be very interesting. It is what you blog-whores make of it. And now, on to the questions…

1) If I was given $1,000,000 today the first thing I would do is…

2) If I could have any superpower it would be…

3) The last book I read was…

Booya, three different questions that should illicit some crazy a$$ responses. I guess I will start this fun little journey.

1) If I was given $1MM, the first thing I would do is…pay off my student loan. That or buy a monkey, it would depend on my mood that day.

2) If I could have any superpower it would be…the ability to fly. I would save a crap load on gas and would never have to worry about commuting. I guess I might have to consider the possibility of a birdstrike though and an emergency landing in the hudson river?

3) The last book I read was…Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is. It’s a book that discusses investment strategies and how to pick stocks wisely. I give it a 5 out of 10 stars.

Alright peeps, it’s your turn. Take a minute to contribute to this dialogue and leave your three statements below. It would be terribly embarrassing to be the only person that responded to my questions, but then again I have been known to make an a$$ out of myself before.

9 thoughts on “I suck at life…”

  1. 1) If given a million dollars I would pay off your students loans – no possibilty of me buying you a monkey. I would also share with your brother,sister and dad and I would take a long trip.

    2)Superpower of choice would be regeneration then I could just grow my own new kidney if I needed another one.

    3)Book I what?….I listened to The Ricky Gervais guide to Medicine. It made me laugh.

  2. 1) If I was given $1,000,000 today the first thing I would do is… buy a house. Then buy a house at the beach.

    2) If I could have any superpower it would be… the power to make everyone happy all the time (including myself!)

    3) The last book I read was… City Chic: An Urban Girl's Guide to Living Large on Less

  3. 1) If I was given $1,000,000 today the first thing I would do is… Fill out all my financial goals: house fund, vacation fund, pet emergency fund, roth, wedding, and savings. Then I would buy a plasma TV, a nice treadmill, and take a trip to Hawaii. I would also probably go to grad school.

    2) If I could have any superpower it would be… the ability to teletransport instantly from one location to another.

    3) The last book I read was… Outliers by Gladwell

  4. 1) I would pay off my debt.

    2) I would be able to shape shift – that way I could fly and hide!

    3) Last book – Worms Eat My Garbage

  5. 1) If I had a million dollars I would pay off my student loans and buy a moderately-priced house in my area and rent the spare bedrooms to my current roommates. I would set aside $250,000 in an "opportunity fund" which would likely include grad school at some point and trips to see family and friends around the world. I would invest the remaining $500,000 for retirement, which would likely come a lot sooner than it is now.

    2) I would also fly. I have had dreams where I could fly and they were awesome.

    3) The Duggars: 20 and Counting!: Raising One of America's Largest Families–How they Do It. Yes, it's embarrassing. Yes, I have a morbid fascination with people whose lifestyles radically differ from my own.

  6. Well one thing is for sure, we are all frugal as heck because we basically would start by paying off our debts or investing in real estate. No one would go by an airplane or a small island just cause they could?

    I think I'm most intrigued by the superpowers, some pretty interesting ones out there.

  7. 1) If I ever won a mil, first I would buy my parents something to pay them back for me being a) expensive and b) the occasional pain in the butt. I'd probably buy them new cars or a second honeymoon or maybe a house at the beach because they've always wanted one.

    2) I would love to fly too. Really, all the other super powers seem so lame in comparison to flying. You could be completely free then.

    3) Um, the last book I read was one in German that no one will have ever heard of. So the book I'm reading NOW is Gone with the Wind. It's my favorite movie and I haven't read the book yet.

  8. 1) If I was given $1,000,000 today the first thing I would do is…

    Buy myself a bachelor pad! (with a pinball machine) Somehow being in your late 20's and having to move back home with the 'rents because you're studying at university doesn't bode well with the ladies. My mates give me a hard time too.

    2) If I could have any superpower it would be…

    the power to read peoples minds. Would be pretty funny I reckon, and probably scary at times too…

    3) The last book I read was…

    Around the Bloc – by Stephanie Elizondo Griest. A young girls story of travelling through the communist countries of Russia, China and Cuba. I don't usually laugh while I'm reading books but this author is LoL funny.

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