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Alright, I sat at my computer screen for 30 min trying to come up with some clever post related to personal finance for today, but my brain just isn’t working right. Instead of writing some lame a$$, quasi-money article, let’s talk about blogging.

You’ll notice Punch Debt In The Face is hosted by blogger. I have been pretty happy with the templates, functionality, and reliability of google’s blogging service. I really have no complaints at this point to be honest. I heart blogger and blogger hearts me 🙂

I can’t help but notice, however, that a crap load of you bloggers use wordpress. I have googled “blogger vs wordpress” “Is wordpress better than blogger” and “Wordpress can suck it” to try and better understand the wordpress phenomena. I quickly realized that was a waste of my time because the majority of these articles lacked honesty. The authors were just too dang biased in their articles, and instead of educating me, they would say things like “blogger sucks balls.” To which I kindly replied “It’s actually impossible for an inanimate object to suck anything, including balls :)”

And so now I appeal to the masses. Why blogger? Educate me, enlighten me, save me from eternal blogging damnation. I really am considering making the switch, but am overwhelmed at the idea of having to learn a whole new system after I feel like I just got intimately (non-sexually) familiar with blogger. Is it considered “cheating” if I look in to making the switch? The wordpress people kind of freak me out. It’s like a gang, or even worse a cult…next thing I know, I’ll be ordered to drink blood and play with poisonous snakes.

p.s. I’d be extremely interested to hear from people who made the switch from blogger to wordpress ::cough:: Fabulously Broke ::cough::



  1. I actually did the reverse. I started out with Wordpress and moved over to Blogger a few months ago when my hosting site wanted to raise my rates by like 400%. You might actually benefit from Wordpress because you post every day. I, on the other hand, quickly realized that I was not going to be committed to everyday posting, but that I didn't want to give up blogging completely. I found myself spending too much of the little time I had left worrying about Wordpress related stuff. Yeah, it gave me a lot of extra stuff I could do, but that means a lot of extra work to do as well.

    Try setting up a dummy site and run it in parallel for awhile. Duplicate your posts, get things set up. See if you think it's worth it. My take is that Blogger is just fine. Your site looks great, plus if you think about it, a big chunk of people (like me) usually read through the feeds anyways. In that case, the front end makes no difference.

  2. When I initially started my blog it was on blogger. Granted, I didn't do much, but I think its because it wasn't as "user friendly" as wordpress is. I just remember when I switched over to wordpressed I was amazed at how easy everything was!

    I agree with Money Beagle, set up a dummy site and try it out. At worst you'll end up with a wordpress site to link people to your blogger one…no harm done, right?

  3. I tried Blogger 4 times and hated it. Now all my blogs are Wordpress because I find I have much more control self-hosting.

    I think Blogger is a better place to start if you don't know much about HTML,PHP,CSS but once you get the hang of it, I feel the options and control are greated with a self-hosted Wordpress blog.

  4. I switched from Blogger to Wordpress, and honestly I miss Blogger.

    Blogger was simpler to use and easier to customize. However I think Wordpress has better templates. Wordpress makes it VERY easy to switch over.

    I dunno, I don't passionately love one over the other, but given the choice I think I'd rather go back to Blogger.

  5. I use wordpress, and havent had any problems with it. The hosting is free (but i pay for the domain name). I just picked wordpress because I read that you had more freedom with it than you do with blogger. Because I live in america, im all about freedom, so I went with wordpress.

  6. Haven't heard from FB yet???

    I started out at blogger. Then switched to Wordpress because of the wonderful plugins they offer and a wider selection of templates. It fits the geeky side of me.

    But, you don't get to change the CSS unless you pay for it on Wordpress. And that whole FTP thing… well it doesn't seem to work for me until I hosted with Blue host.

    So, you pay for your freedom.

    If you want to pay, switch.

    If you don't, stay with blogger. Blogger has all the basics you need to host a wonderful blog like you do.

    I am always changing things on my website. So it fits with my manic personality.

    BTW, you had me laughing with the pic. nice one. 😛

  7. If you read Fabulously Broke's blog, she goes into a lot of detail of why she switched from Blogger to WordPress. I have googled the same topic and I actually found articles from computer "geeks" promoting WordPress over Blogger.

  8. Ok, I know I am one of the WordPress bullies your talking about 😉 and we have talked about this before but heres my shot an being non-biased and answering your questions and concerns and fully as I can. One thing to clarify before I get into this, WordPress has the self host option, and the option which is nearly identical to blogger in many ways. Let me compare the free, vs first, then I will get into self hosted. hosted blogs are really easy to use and set up, but in my opinion they all tend to look the same unless you customize it to the max, but there are limits and limited templates for blogger. Yours is an example of one thats been customized pretty well, but its an exception, not the rule. Blogger is a real no brainer. A pro of the blogger hosted blog is that google doesn't regulate scripts at all or HTML code, so in your sidebars where you can actually edit the html or insert JavaScript, you have more freedom with stuff like AdSense and other JavaScripts. free blog is much like bloggers. There are more templates readily available to use and you can customize your CSS and make your site just crazy different. With WordPress, I find more sites that break the every site looks the same rule, compared to blogger where they are almost all identical in my eyes. free blog has less plugins availible for use though and you can't add any third party plugins or scripts so that means, no AdSense on free WordPress blogs. The ease of blogging on WordPress is a huge difference. Everything is laid out really well as well as administration which is intuitive, quick and really nice. Comments on WordPress are much more sophisticated than blogger, on the back end, and I would say easier to use, subscribe to comments, etc on the front end.

    Wordpress.ORG provides the self hosted package. You have to have a host. The plugin database is leaps and bounds ahead of's plugin system. There are plugins for anything you can think of. There are also many more themes than even the free blog themes or templates. You have control over every single aspect of the blog. You can change CSS, add any script you want, make your own theme, hack the crap out of a theme made by someone else, and basically do anything you want. I think the plugins are one of the strong points to the self hosted blog because they provide multiple times the functionality of any plugin.

    I think my favorite thing to customize on self hosted blog, aside from making my own theme, are the stats/comments plugins.

    My suggestion to you is this. Download the wordpress install, set up a web server application on your local computer and install wordpress on it. You can then see what it feels like, install plugins, import your current blog into it and see how it would go if you did it for real and basically play with it to your hearts content without the cost and without the system even being out on the open internet. It would only be on your computer, no one else would be able to see it. I have very detailed instructions to do this on PC or Mac and could walk you through it.

    The main point is, do what you like and what works for you. For a pretty heavy blogger, with a potential future, WordPress self hosted would do you good but WordPress.COM would not because you wouldn't be able to use AdSense or any scripts which really shuts down the professional, money making aspect of a blog.

  9. Whelp, again, I reiterate my offer to host a Wordpress installation for you on my hosting account for a trial run, as per Money Beagle's suggestion (and mine previously) that you set up a dummy parallel site.

    And don't use to do it either, or we'll have this conversation all over again in a year.

  10. I am a fan of blogger and host my site on there too. I am very happy with it right now and for my needs, it works just fine.

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