I can work in my underwear…you can’t.

I guess the title of this post is not completely accurate as we all work in our underwear (except for those of you that prefer going commando), but I literally can work in just my tighty whities. The biggest perk of my job is the ability to wake up and be in my office. I got to thinkin’ and made a short list of the pros and cons of my Jay Oh Bee (job)…


1) Working at home is great. I don’t have to fight traffic and I’m never late to the office. The downside to working at home… I don’t have coworkers. Now some might see this as a pro, but I am a people person and wish I had fun coworkers that I got to see everyday. It’s like going to school, even though I wasn’t excited about going to classes, I enjoyed getting to see my friends in class.

2) The coolest thing about my job is I can work 50% of the time in my spongebob squarepants underwear. The only bummer is that my position requires me to be out in the field the other 50% of the time and when I’m out in town I have to wear a suit. I hate dressing up and dread putting that tie around my neck everyday.

3) Making my own hours is quite possibly the greatest thing ever. It allows me the flexibility to make adjustments to my work day. It’s always nice to know I can end work a half hour early if needed. The major downside to making my own schedule is fighting procrastination. It’s difficult fighting the urge to put things off. Another major downside to working at home is… work is always at home. I don’t get to leave my ‘ish at the office like others. It’s on me at all times and I’m always thinking in the back of my mind “Oh I need to get this done.” It’s similar to having a big test coming up, even if you’re not studying for it you cant help but think you should be.

4) I can watch TV from home. Do you get to watch tv while you work? While I thought this would be super cool, I have come to realize that’s not always the case. Most of the time the only thing that is on is Judge Judy and Days Of Our Lives. Neither of which I am particularly fond of…although Judge Judy is kind of hot…haha.

So there ya have it. These are just a few things that I thought were cool and not so cool about my experiences working from home. It should be noted that I am not self employed and, therefore,  do not have complete freedom over my schedule and workload. My experiences are probably vastly different from those self employed individuals. As with most things in life, there is always an upside and a downside. Overall, I’m stoked that I have the opportunity to work from home, but I definitely find myself wishing I had an office to go to every now and again.

Boxers or briefs,

7 thoughts on “I can work in my underwear…you can’t.”

  1. Awesome post, i work afternoon shifts and i am at home in the mornings and do quite a bit of work for my blog from home, so i can relate to your points above.

    Another pro for me is i can have music playing as much and as loud as i want. Also, having music being played actually increases my focus much better

  2. Tom– Yes you hit the nail on the head! Listening to music should have been the 5th on my list, if only I would have had you proofread my post I coulda added that little gem in to it. Thanks for stopping by kind sir. I’ll be thinking about you while im working in my spiderman underwear tomorrow, is that creepy?

  3. So what about if you have not so fun coworkers that you HAVE to see everyday. That makes going into the office feel like walking to a prison cell each day. Luckily for me, the coworker that was making life hell got fired, so thats not the case anymore.

    My job is flexible and I can work from home when necessary which is usually when I am ill, so its not so fun when I find myself working from home. Another thing I noticed is when I work from home I feel guilty about not being in the office with the rest of the team, so I work harder than I would if I was in the office.

  4. Jesse- I guess having sucky coworkers would…well…suck. Work feeling like prison is never a good thing. Flexibility in your job is also legit, if I were you I would probably call in sick like 4 times a week…haha

  5. D to the H- Thanks man. Right now is unfortunately one of the days I got to be in a suit and tie…boo

  6. I work in my underwear and PJs 24/7. Stay-at-home ninja work is never done, but at least it can be done in comfy clothes.

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