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Do the side-hustle that is. Who doesn’t like making a little extra “coin” each month? I’ve pretty much determined God created me to make money. I love being productive, but I love getting paid to be productive even more. There is something about “extra” income that allows me to spend a tad more care free than my typical frugal self would.

I budget for approximately $150/month in side-hustle money. In reality I average between $300 to $500 in extra income, but I like to be a little conservative and anticipate a lesser amount. Tutoring use to be my only means of additional income, but I have began expanding my horizons and bringing in the benjamins through other means.

For example, I never really anticipated, and still don’t really attempt to make money blogging. I knew people out there did it, but I never really was that in to it. Well, come to find out, there is a secret equation that leads to monetization. It goes a little something like this…
I blogged for 8 months in 2009 and walked away with $800 in blogging income. The blogging income paid for my cable/internet ($93/month) and an occasional guilt trip run to Jack in the Crack Box.

Not only has tutoring proven to be extremely lucrative ($40/hr), but it has also lead to additional sources of income. I have become pretty good friends with most of the families I work with and they have began asking me to housesit for them. Did you know people actually pay you to eat their food, swim in their pool, and watch their TV? Housesitting is quite possibly the most epic job of all time. I usually get about $100 for a weekend gig. Little do these families know, I would totally pay them a $100 for a weekend at their place… it’s like a mini vacation. I was asked to housesit this weekend and twice in February, so I’m stoked.

So bloggity blog bloggers, What are your 2010 side hustle goals? ? Are you obsessed with finding alternative means of income? Like I mentioned earlier, I make about $500 each month… what’s your number?

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  1. I am hoping to at least double my blog income this year by getting this second blog I started off the ground. It doesn't help that I've had the "Add New Post" window open on it for a week now, but I'm sure I'll come up with something… eventually. At least I came up with yet another catchy name and perfect (surprisingly unregistered) domain name for it! That counts for something, right?

    Speaking of surprised, I'm surprised I made more than you in blog income last year. Overall, anyway – you beat me on a monthly average basis.

  2. I make anywhere from 600-1000 extra/month with a home care nursing job. it's so sweet. 24 hrs (2 12 hr days) = 608 extra per month (after tax). And if I want more extra money that month, i work a little more. The night shifts are my favorite. I get paid to watch tv, read, and watch a monitor. can't be beat.

  3. A little side money from a side hustle could be a great way to amp up savings or save for that vacation you really want.

  4. I'm just now entertaining the idea of side jobs. In all reality, I feel too busy to take on a side job, but if it's doing something I love (like writing / blogging) then I think I will make time for it. However, I'm concerned about spending the money to make my blog one that can accept ads (I have the basic free Wordpress set-up right now), especially not having any idea if I can make money doing it. I don't want to spend the cash if I can't make it back up, you know?

  5. I have a semi-permanent $150 a month side hustle being the tech drone for a really, really large Jonas Brothers fan site. Don't know a darn thing about them, but I just have to make sure the site is working. Sometimes I'll pick up an extra $100 or so a month setting up blogs/websites in addition to the big gig I do.

    I pretty much break even with my blogging. Now that I've got a little bit of direction with where my blog is going, I'd like to do the necessary footwork to bump that up to 'profitable'. We'll see how that goes once the sproglet gets here.

  6. We have two rental properties. Looking for more, but not ready to take on additional debt. Right now we can handle expenses without the income, but if we do another we rely on having at least one unit always rented.

    I have been doing this for a little over 2 years now with no vacancies. One unit pays $990 and the other pays $1150. The wife also gets $50/hr on Saturdays for extra occupational therapy work. That averages about $800.

    Total extra income = $2,940

  7. I like the idea of getting side job.. However, it start from not being satisfied with the main gig. How about making your passion your job and then you can do it and never retire? I am learning this concept from Dr. Dale Callahan and after reading the book "crush it" by Gary Vaynerchuk i have to say i am motivated.
    Kicking debt off

  8. I just read this from an earlier post:

    "Yes, this is still embarrassing, but sometimes Momma Ninja hooks her baby boy up with some cash so he can pay down his student loan."

    Aw. But check out the tax implications. You (rather than Momma) may be able to deduct interest paid on your loan. IRS: "If you are the person legally obligated to make interest payments and someone else makes a payment of interest on your behalf, you are treated as receiving the payments from the other person and, in turn, paying the interest."

  9. I tutor/ befriend a brain-injured girl which used to be my full time job until I got a legit job, so now I am thinking in hanging out with her once a week I can bring in some extra cash. What I would like to do is start a fund with that money and put it away for a certain event or investment. I will have to think about this a little more, but I'm thinking it would be a great idea to not feel bad for spending the extra cash (Cause I am rediculously frugal!). Come to think of it, I have over 6 weddings in the current year so perhaps I should create a wedding fund and big the happy couples some pretty sick gifts!! 😉 haha

  10. That's some good extra income!

    I used to teach tennis for about $35/hr, but nowadays, I'd rather just compete. Guess blogging counts, but I donate most of the proceeds to charity.

    Guess I just have my job to depend on, and interest income!

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