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How Marketing Has Changed Over the Years

Over the past ten years, marketing practices have undergone major changes due in large part to technology. With a rapid wave of progression in different types of technology, how businesses reach consumers has evolved over time. Connecting with potential customers is the obvious goal of businesses, and technology is the main form of doing so in today’s society. How marketing has changed over these past several years can be seen in several different ways.

Perhaps one of the biggest ways that marketing has changed is through the use of social media marketing. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr almost everyone has some form of social media in which they access. Businesses are able to market and interact with consumers through business profiles on these outlets. This is one of the most successful forms of marketing as they are able to share their company or brand online. As they actively engage and make their presence known on these social media platforms, word will circulate and potentially drive up more business for the company. The role that social media now plays in marketing today is tremendous. Companies now require that they have social media managers who are solely responsible for the marketing that takes place on their accounts. They must fully understand how to market on these platforms and reach out to their targeted audience.

How many times have you been to a business and asked to sign up for their rewards program with your email account? If you answered yes, then that business has successfully used a modernized email marketing tactic to drive up their business for their company. These days email marketing can be used by offering different rewards, coupons, or providing the consumer with updates and special events that are taking place for a company. Emailing is an excellent way for the modern business to stay in contact with their customers, rather than smother them with information. As such, email remains one of the most powerful forms of marketing between the business and the customer which allows them to be able to reach one another at the simple click of the send button.

While it’s very easy to stay focused simply on the computer and internet aspect of marketing, don’t forget that we live in the day and age of smartphones. Next time you are out in public take notice of just how many people are on their mobile devices. Marketing has steadily become even more geared towards those using a smartphone or other mobile device. Text messages sent to customers phones for sales, deals, and bargains provide an even broader platform to businesses. Rather than clipping out coupons that are in the paper or printing them from the computer, consumers are now using coupons on their mobile devices to be scanned at the checkout counter instead. Instant access such as this provides a simple convenience for both the customer as well as the business. This allows the company to have instant access to reach customers on the go right from the very palm of their hand.  In line with the consumer market shift towards mobile devices, the way businesses share knowledge has totally changed. For example, people are now able to purchase online courses at the touch of a button and have 24/7 access to material that would have previously been advertised and learnt offline.

The online education industry has exploded and totally transformed the way we purchase courses and learn new things. Sites like YouTube provide a sea of information where one can learn almost anything for free.

There has been a steady decrease in the way of marketing with newspapers, magazines, and other hard print copies of advertising. The more technologically advanced that society becomes an even sharper drop will continue with this type of marketing. People have become dependent on their computers, devices, social media, and email accounts. This gives businesses an easy way in to directly connect with customers at any time of the day with one simple click of the button.



  1. Good article, I agree marketing is changing. With the advent of the DVR it’s hard to believe any company is paying for television commercials but of course they are. Thanks for posting great content!

    Mike Ballew

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