How far will you go to get a good deal

We all have “that friend”, the one who will drive 30 miles across town to save $0.02 per gallon on their gasoline. I get a kick out of how far people will go to get a good deal. Call me crazy, but I’ll almost always take an okay deal with minimal effort, over a lot of effort for a good deal. That’s not to say that I don’t get a little intense from time to time.

Let’s run through a little test and see if you are normal bargain shopper, or if you fall in to the “obsessed with getting a good deal” category. Answer the following questions….

1) Do you shop on The day after thanksgiving (black friday)?

2) Do you send in rebates valued under $5?

3) Have you changed your savings account more than twice in the last year because of better interest rates offered elsewhere?

4) Have you bought more of something than you actually needed just because it was on sale?

5) Do you try and barter with salespersons that work at stores that typically don’t negotiate? (Best Buy, Costco, etc)

If you answered yes, to any of those questions, you are probably a pretty intense deal seeker. I have to admit I am guilty of question 5. I was at Costco once looking to purchase a monitor for my computer. The specific monitor I wanted was sold out, except for the display model. I tried for about 30mins to barter with the Costco manager, hoping he would give me a discount for purchasing the display model. He wouldn’t drop the price, so I had to punch him in the face say goodbye and leave monitorless.

We are probably all guilty of obsessive deal hunting, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. If you plan to wake up before 8am on Black Friday this year, you just might have an addiction to getting a good deal. I mean come on, people die at Wal-Mart as they get trampled by the bargain mob. And what about extreme couponing? Bargain Life posted an article about that sort of couponing and what it does to the family.Anyone else feeling brave and willing to share an embarrassing “deal hunting” story? Are you guilty of doing the across town gas station fill up?

6 thoughts on “How far will you go to get a good deal”

  1. I love a good bargain, but the one time I did black Friday with a friend, it really sucked. We were up way too early and the deals weren't worth not getting a full night of rest. Maybe if I had a child and needed toys or if I needed something specific for my home it would be worth it, but I just didn't find the deals to be that great.

  2. I pretty much exclusively buy gasoline at Sam's Club now. They are usually on par if not better with the price of gas as Arco. Plus, Sam Club takes credit cards, so I can at least get a 1% cash back on that purchase. There is one pretty close to my house, but the operating hours are limited pretty much to the store hours. So sometimes I will run on fumes just to get to Sam's Club during their open hours for gas. Now should I feel good or bad that I just admitted this on a blog?

  3. I do shop black friday if there is something specific that I want and I know that it is on sale at a particular store. For instance, I got a lot of DVD presents for family for $13/season and $5/movie on black friday last year.

    Currently, I REALLY want a netbook. But I've decided to see what black friday deals go out for them instead of buying one now. I'm hoping to get a good deal on one under $200 – we'll see how that works for me. =)

  4. Ok, I was at one time a deal whore. I would stock pile anything that was on sale and sent in rebates for anything and everything.
    But..I gave up on Black Friday last year, and I don't plan on shopping it this year either. I also don’t plan on buying presents…but we will see how long that lasts.
    I don’t run all over town looking for a good gas price though, doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

    I was Walgreens deal whore –

  5. There's plenty of people out there who believe they're saving money by doing some of the steps you've listed above. But in the end, you need to figure in how much your time is worth to you as well, especially if to save some money it invoves driving across town, etc.

    I remember once my younger sister bought a furniture package worth about $2000 for when she moved out. OK, she wasn't moving out for like 18 months so not the best idea, but she was happy with her purchase. My other sister sat down with a calculator and worked out how much interest she had lost by not keeping the money in the bank and buying the furniture when the moving out time was closer. Now that's a punch in the face! Even I would never be so harsh

  6. I worked for a major department store and I can tell you that Black Friday deals are SO not worth it. Sure, Best Buy and Wal Mart have that one item at an incredibly great deal but each store only has like 200 of it in stock and it will be gone half an hour after the store opens.

    The best time for a deal are the two weekends before Christmas when retailers gets antsy. Granted, the selection won't be as good but the prices will be amazing.

    Oh, and if you find yourself up late after your Thanksgiving nap, do a drive by around your local Walmart and Best Buy. I'm always amazed at how many ppl line up outside the door at 2am.

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