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How do you help the helpless?

“I’ve always been lazy, I can’t change. This was a quote from one of the kids that I tutor, oh wait, tutored. That’s right I was forced to resign on Monday by the young chaps’ parents…and honestly I can’t blame them. I’ll give ya a little background on this kid.

His parents are ridonkulously wealthy and are very good people. They got my information from one of their family friends (whose kid I also tutor) to try and help their son apply himself in his math class more. He’s in 10th grade and in Algebra Two. After tutoring him for my first time, six months ago, it was obvious this kid did NOT need a math tutor. In all honesty he was probably smarter than I am (shhh…don’t tell him that though). His problem wasn’t with comprehending the material he was presented, it was that he was freakin’ lazy! I’m talking like goes-out-of-his-way-to-avoid-homework-at-all-costs lazy. Within our first few tutoring sessions we set up a game plan and made a calendar of all of his upcoming projects/tests/quizzes/etc and a timetable of when he needed to start studying and preparing.

I thought for sure with a little motivation from yours truly, I could get him to bring his math grade up to where it should be. Fast forward six months...Mission Accomplished! His math grade is faaaaar better than it was when I first started tutoring, but….(can you guess where this story is going)… he essentially stopped doing all of his other homework. Literally, he didn’t turn in one history assignment this semester and has only completed about half of his chemistry assignments. So this last Monday night I sat down with him and his parents and we had a little conference. We discussed why we think he is lazy only to have him interrupt with “I’ve always been, I can’t change.” So I responded “That’s a bunch of bullpoo, you don’t want to change!” We talked for a little longer and after an hour or so of conversation I left.

I will no longer be tutoring him and I’m pissed off. Even with my best efforts he remained unchanged. I’m not mad because I’m out $40 a week, I’m frustrated because I couldn’t motivate this kid to apply himself academically. Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? Ever tried convincing someone that has no problem being in debt to avoid using their credit card? It’s super difficult, if not impossible.

I guess at the end of the day lazy people are too dang lazy to change.



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