Hook a Ninja up

So this blogging thing takes quite a bit of work. I usually spend about an hour or so each night writing the content for the next mornings post. Sometimes I can pump stuff out in 30min, and other times, writers block kicks in and two hours later, I’m left with a bunch of blah.

I don’t mind writing one article a night, but if I was doing any more than that, I’d have quit this blogging thing a long time ago.

Seeing that my wedding is just three weeks away, I’m in desperate need of your help. I will be taking a total of 12 weekdays off for wedding stuff and the honeymoon. This means between now and August 4th, I have to come up with 12 articles to fill those days.

I’ll just be honest. There is no way I have the time, nor the desire, to sit in front of my computer and pump out an extra twelve posts before I fly to Seattle. I’m hoping some of you can hook a Ninja up and maybe provide me with a guest post for while I’m gone.

It’s pretty common amongst the blogging community, to help another out when they need it. I wrote this guest post for PFfirewall about the cost of a fetus, and this article about Debt Douchisms for Mr. Credit Card. Just last week, Girl Ninja lost her blogging virginity and shared her side of the wedding planning process.

Maybe you can help me out as well and shoot me over a sweet article? I do have a few requirements, however. Your post has to be original (not published anywhere else), it can’t be super lame (because I don’t want lame people reading my blog), and it DOESN’T have to be about personal finance (although I’d love it if it was).

Mom Ninja has already stepped up to the plate, and wrote an INCREDIBLE article about financial infidelity that will be published Monday August 9th (keep your eyes peeled for this one), so I really only need 11 more people to help out.

If you have another blog, I’d obviously make sure to link back to your website and hopefully get some traffic your way. But even if you don’t have a blog, and are just a loyal PDITF reader, I’d  still love to see what you can come up with. I’d need any submissions (via email) by August 1st, to ensure I have enough time to format/edit/stick-figurize your post.

If you are interested in submitting, drop a line in the comments below and let me know! Oh, and if more than 11 people are interested, that is GREAT as I can always keep some guest posts in my arsenal for all those late nights when Girl Ninja and I will be…ya know…playing Monopoly 😉

If I don’t get enough volunteers, you will be forced to stare at this picture everyday until I return back from Operation Honeymoon…

If you need a little personal finance fix this morning, check out my special Saturday blog I did. It included my first Radio interview and I’d love to get your feedback on what you thought!

24 thoughts on “Hook a Ninja up”

  1. I’m in. I’m a 2 day old blogger. I have an article on negative role models that I think would be good. It’s a bit on the serious side, so I need to funny it up. If I can’t, I’ll think of something else.

  2. Sick, man! that was the nastiest looking thing i’ve ever seen. you’ve lowered my standard of life with that. thanks a lot.

    no really, wtf is that?! ugh.

  3. San Diego friend ninja is in! I have no clue what it will be about, but I’m down. That is the most disgusting picture I have ever seen. Please take it down. Please!

  4. My posts are way less funny, but I’m in if you need help! I actually do have a funny one ready to go for next week that’s my take on a Yahoo Finance article about big job hunting mistakes (like bringing your parents to the interview or having them negotiate your salary, lol). It’s all yours if you’d like it.

  5. i have a wedding blog, but i’m also obsessed with finances…i could do something wedding/budget related. i’ve got a really detailed spreadsheet that covers our wedding costs that people keep asking if they could use (im a little type a)…apparently its really helpful with event budgeting. or i could do something on tips to stay ON BUDGET when planning the wedding (i’m great at that, the only thing we’ve gone over so far was the honeymoon and it wasn’t by much)…or something else wedding/budget related–i give tips to all my newly engaged friends 🙂

  6. that is the ugliest picture i have ever seen If i was good at writing anything other than investing articles i would give you the twelve articles just to spare myself the horror of staring at that picture. Gosh… the horror…the horror 🙁

  7. You are still on my whiteboard man, and I have the post just about ready. I’ll ship it over to you after a few final edits 🙂 don’t think I forgot about ya even though we talked about this months ago…

    and seriously, what the heck IS that thing???

  8. DEFINITELY interested in contributing! I could write about moving expenses (currently planning a move to a new city) or starting a freelance writing business when I got fired in January or roller derby training (perhaps how hobbies and passions have to be budgeted?) or a general cohabitation financial story of interest or why I don’t want to support kids — mine OR yours. Let me know where you feel I would fit in.

    I’ll bring the snark.

  9. Ninja – your blog is hilarious! I like to leave it near the bottom of my reader to help lighten the mood from all the heavier PF articles that I read every morning!
    I hope to be a guest contributor while you’re away on your wedding slash honeymoon. I’ll see what I can come up with. Currently I am weighing the pros and cons of what to do with my husband’s yearly bonus – prepay the mortgage, invest, or home improvements so perhaps I could write something related to that for you.
    and by the way, congrats on the wedding!! Being married is awesome!

  10. Ninja, I would love to write something for your blog. I have just 2 published posts in my blog though, so I think my posts may fall under the super lame category though. I have a piece written up about PF for newbies. Do let me know if you want to look at it.

  11. Thank you everyone for helping out. I’ll be getting in touch with each of you individually to chat details. You all give me warm fuzzies!!!

  12. Good Lord, please take that picture down!
    I’m down for a post, if my writing is up to par, of course. I was thinking of a post about how amazing WSU is and how basically being a Coug will help you excel in every aspect of your life;)
    Psych, I can write about learning a lesson from the housing market crash if you are interested.
    Great interview btw.

  13. I think that picture is sweet! (Okay I’m lying, it freaked me out A LOT)

    As many of the commenters wrote above, I would be honored to be able to guest post at PDITF. I’ll cook something up and send it your way.

  14. I’m in too! I am an extremely new blogger, but I’m challenging my husband and I to only buy household products and all food if it’s on sale. I would like to write a post related to household savings/finances and homemade products. Just let me know.

  15. funny pic ,lol . Best of luck with your wedding im a new blogger but dont think my skills are the same as yours so sorry can’t help but I hope you get few ideas as I like reading your posts

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