Welcome to our Home…again

It’s about time.  Welcome to our home. If you were actually walking into my house right now I would have a great playlist on, you would smell the Capri Blue anthropology candle scent (my fave) and I would be offering you something to eat or drink (possibly a bite of the apple crisp I made today?).  But, since you are entering via cyberspace, I’ll just say….welcome 🙂

Entry Way:

Just a nice little area to display some art and picture frames.

The Dining Room:

Here is Ninja’s favorite find in the house.  This table was a Craigslist find for $250 down in San Diego.  It came with six chairs (one is used for the desk in our bedroom) and 4 leafs to make ONE GIANT TABLE.  The table itself was originally $800 from Crate and Barrel, and we found stickers on the chairs marking them at $79 from World Market.  We definitely got a deal on this.  The shelf above the black organizer was a DIY project idea from Bruce Bucks that Ninja whipped up the other day.  We are still deciding on a paint/stain color for the shelf. Suggestions?

The Kitchen:

Our landlord loved the idea of concrete countertops.  He wanted them in the main house below us, so he decided to get his contracters liscence and learn how.  Our kitchen was his guinea pig. They are super nice and pretty different. Nothing else too exciting going on in our kitchen at this point.

The Living Space:

the teal storage bench is temporarily kept here before being moved to my classroom

Ninja’s favorite piece of furniture in our house is the dining room table. My favorite piece is our white couch: the free white couch, might I add.  Everything in this room came straight out of our San Diego condo, no new pieces.

The Bedroom:

Yes, we share a full size bed. Yes, I sleep great….but don’t ask Ninja how he sleeps 🙂 This is my new West Elm bedding I got on sale and I LOVE.  Our office space for Ninja’s at-home working/blogging is shared with our bedroom.  Best thing about this room? Two windows – I love natural lighting.  This room is still a bit bare on the walls, but we’ll get there.

The $1.99 desk...can't beat it.

The Closet:

BIG upgrade from our last closet.  I love all the hanging space, and the built-in shelves.  Ninja and I got to have a say on the closet organizer/layout, but the dimensions of the closet didn’t really allow for any sort of “design”.  It fits our clothes…and we’re happy.

The Bathroom:

We can fit at least 8 times as many people in this bathroom compared to the SD condo.  Not sure why we would ever need 8 people in the bathroom…but still, it is nice to have space to move.  This bathroom also has a window….super BONUS… Especially after Ninja has been in it 😉

The Views:

All of our neighbors take great care of their yards/gardens, and we get to enjoy them as well.  I desperately want those flowers in a vase in my house…think they would notice?

Outside three of our windows we get a peek-a-boo view of Puget Sound.  This is where we get to see amazing sunsets as well.

Ninja and I are so excited about our new place.  Some upcoming projects include:

  • Painting (walls and our new shelf)
  • Hanging things in the bedroom
  • Hutch makeover (new backing/hardware)
  • Pillows recovered
  • Curtains

There are always more projects to be done, but I’m learning the lesson of being content…no matter how big the to-do list is, or what my dream design looks like.  We are so lucky to be where we are (9th best city to live in the COUNTRY) and to finally be together again.  Hope you enjoyed your tour!

What’s your favorite room in your house? What room do you desperately want to make over?

p.s.  Today is my official last day of summer so you probably won’t be hearing from me for a while.  I’m entering the world of crayons, ABC’s, and five year-olds.  Pray for me 🙂

p.p.s. If you wanted to see what our San Diego place looked like you can do so by clicking here

17 thoughts on “Welcome to our Home…again”

  1. Wow! What a sweet place! I really dig the concrete countertops. I do like the clean colors of black and white, similar to your San Diego condo. The views are phenomenal! Especially the garden view 🙂 Window in the bathroom, my wife would like that too lmao! Renting these wonderful homes are going to give you a great perspective on what you guys will want in your new home. I’ve never rented so I had to learn the hard way in regards to what was important to me. In Las Vegas you have to have a 3 car garage because the sun turns your car into an oven and with no attics or basements storage is an issue. Separate vanities in the master bath is nice when you have to get ready for work at the same time. I digress, thanks for the invite to your beautiful home! I think a interior designer side hustle might be in the works for you, Girl Ninja 🙂

  2. I HEART your new home! What a cozy, welcoming space you’ve created; when we sell our condo and buy a townhouse next year, how’s about you and Ninja come see us in Canada and help us out with our decore? 🙂
    I LOVE your kitchen!! We will be tackling an “upgrade” of our kitchen in a few months time; getting condo ready for sale. My favourite room in our home right now is the bedroom because of the king-size bed and room darkening blinds, but coming in a close 2nd is our livingroom; it’s soooo cozy!

    It’s been awesome reading your blogs, GN! Good luck with the kidlets at school; they’re gonna love you!!

  3. You have a lovely home. My advice on your shelf is to paint it in a shade that will give a pop of color to your dining room. You’ve got a lot of neutrals going on and a nice blue might give the space a little punch.

  4. Looks like you guys are home! Funny how you two move toyour new city and it makes it into the top 10 best places to live…….coincidence I think not!

    Have a blast at your new gig!

  5. Not sure how accurate the photo is, but the shelf above the black organizer in the dining room looks to be the same color as the baskets in the organizer. If they do match, I’d leave the shelf color as is, maybe coating with a protective sealant.

  6. I love your house, so cute! I really like the desk and still cannot get over how cheap it was. I would say that the counter tops were also a great find, those a re quite pricey too!

  7. You guys have a gorgeous home! Very nice; uber jealous. My favorite room in our house is our guest room because right now it’s the neatest room in the house lol Living with a guy and a dog can get hectic as far as cleaning goes.

  8. I want to change the floors on the living level. Currently, we have Mexican 12×12 tiles, I want to replace it with hard wood. I enjoy being in my office/gym.

  9. I was thinking those looked like Bruce Bucks pallet shelves. I’m kind of liking the raw wood look.

    Congratulations on your new place. Great views and super cute!

  10. Love the house tour, Girl Ninja! You’ve done a really great job setting it up for having just moved a little while ago.

    I’m also kind of digging the natural look on those pallet shelves. Plus it kind of matches the baskets beneath.

    My constant decorating project is my bedroom. I don’t really know why. It just seems to be the only room in my apartment that doesn’t feel “done,” like it’s been a consistent work in progress since I moved in three years ago. But I’m not really sure what it needs. As compared to my living room (fave!) which looks all sleek and put together, and even my kitchen and bathroom look finished and nice. Just my bedroom…I don’t know. I need some inspiration.

  11. The all white motif looks so nice but I could never pull something like that off with 2 grubby boys. It would look disgusting in a matter of a week. Enjoy it while you can. My friend who was one of 4 daughters said her mom banned her from wearing white for the first 12 years of her life.

  12. I love the concrete!! Looks real nice. We definitely need to do a little makeover on our place – we’ve been in it for 2 years, which is just enough time for me to get antsy and want to rearrange the furniture! We’ve put some money aside to freshen things up this fall 🙂

    Good luck with the school year!!

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