Holiday Activities

The holidays are a time of year that are very busy and hectic, but it is also a time of year that brings much happiness and joy. When you have children in your lives you do everything you can to show them the magic of Christmas. Even though winter brings cold weather and darkness, there are a lot of things you can do with your family during this time of year as well. Try not to focus on the big ass junk removal that may be necessary after Christmas day when all the new toys arrive in your house, but focus on the reason for the season.

Tree Lighting

One fun (and fee) even that occurs in a lot of towns are tree lighting ceremonies. In small and large towns alike, there is usually a ceremony to turn on the town Christmas tree. These events are typically filled with Christmas cheer by including music, children’s activities and food. Appearances by Santa are common as well which would make any child smile. A family friendly event like this is great for all ages.


Christmas lights are obviously popular during this time of year. It can be simple as getting in the car and driving around to spot the nicest display in your neighborhood, to driving a distance to see a particular display. Some tourist attractions may require a fee to come view lights. Places such as zoos and gardens may use this time of year to bring in extra income by creating a christmas attraction. Some families have even made a business into creating a christmas light experience.


Kids and families often partake in the obligatory christmas photo with Santa. Santa can often be spotted in the nearest mall or shopping center, but also local christmas events. A popular activity is to do a breakfast with santa. These events involve a sit down meal where santa attends and is available for a photo opp. It is nice to document time with Santa photos annually.


A fun winter and christmas time activity that can be done at home is decorating. It is an annual tradition in our house to decorate our house for the holidays the sunday after thanksgiving. This is when the tree goes up and all of the christmas decorations are put on display. The kids get involved and it typically is finished off with a christmas movie for the kids and a festive cocktail for the adults. Besides house decorations, it is often popular to decorate cookies and make gingerbread houses for the holidays. This is a favorite in our house.


This time of year calls for charity and giving. It is when you want to help those in need the most. You can get your family involved to help give to those less fortunate. You can collect food for shelters or even coats and winter gear. There are organizations that allow you to adopt families or children in order to help them have the Christmas they deserve but may not necessarily be able to afford. It is important to show your kids the concept of giving and charity, this time of year is a perfect excuse to do so.

With all of the activities discussed above, the month of December will fly by like a breeze! Happy Holidays!