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Hi ho Denver

I’ve tried not to be like every other personal finance blogger out there and bore you with information about this years personal finance bloggers conference (FinCon). The conference itself isn’t boring, but when bloggers take the time to write about it (especially when they do it multiple times), I start to wonder who their audience really is? Call me crazy, but I’m going to assume of the 2,100 readers that have subscribed to this blog, most of you aren’t bloggers. This leads me to believe, you would want to stab your eyeballs out with a pair of hot chopsticks if I wrote 20 different posts on the conference. For that reason, I’ll keep things lighthearted.

Every year, Budgetable, puts out an infographic on who bloggers need to meet at the personal finance conference. It’s suppose to tell you who the most influential personal finance bloggers are. Two years in a row, Punch Debt In The Face hasn’t made the cut. Well ya know what Budgetable? You can keep your infographic to yourself because this year I’ve made my own. Read it and weep suckers….

How ya like them apples? 

This years conference is in Denver. I’m skeptical of what the mile high city has to offer – aside from a lack of oxygen – but I’m trying to keep an open mind. I went to Copper Mountain, CO in college for spring break once and it was pretty underwhelming. Hopefully Denver wont be equally anticlimactic.

Oh and how is this for exciting…

I learned Sallie Mae is attending the event. I presume they will have a booth set up trying to convince us bloggers they aren’t as bad as we often make them out to be. If they pull me over to their table, I have a plan. Show them some of my stick figure art from the last couple of years. Like this…

or this…

or my personal favorite, this…

Do you think they’d get the point? 

I’ll catch y’all on the flip-side, but for now it’s time I throw on my PDITF shirt and pretend I’m more important than I really am 🙂




  1. What do you do at these conferences? compare net worth statements? listen to someone telling you to live within your means? gossip about your contributors?

  2. Look forward to meeting you there. I’ll be the one with shades, hat and raincoat – can’t afford to be seen hobnobbing with T-artists, hope you understand… 🙂

  3. Loved this! I share the same sentiments! However, I am interested to see what Sallie Mae has to offer this weekend.

  4. I’m hoping Sallie Mae has a giveaway: drop your card and we’ll choose a debt to discharge. It could happen, right?

  5. I think you should blog about the swag you get at the conference. That could be interesting. Like Sallie Mae handing out mini piggy banks labelled “college fund”?

  6. Ninja,

    Please sell PDITF T-Shirts or give those rights to someone who can print them. I really enjoy the stick figure drawings, but I’m not creative enough to produce shirts nor do I want to pirate your drawings.

  7. One thing you won’t be seeing in Denver is Rain. Very dry this year. But there should be lots to do and see while you are here. Get out of Donwtown if you want to have a more resonably priced meal. Hope you enjoy your visit.

    Great shirt BTW.

  8. Oh, and I will definitely buy a shirt (sadly I probably can’t buy every design because the fiancee and my bank accounts will get mad at me, but 1 shirt would suffice)

  9. Hi Ninja! Welcome to Denver and I hope you enjoy your visit (of course, I’m biased because I live here and think it’s the best). You’re in luck – we’re greeting you with 70 degree weather instead of mid 90s. There’s a great view of the city and the mountains from Peaks Lounge at the Hyatt (right across from the Convention Center). Here’s a few restaurant recommendations downtown depending on what you like…Euclid Hall, Osteria Marco, Crepes and Crepes, Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs, Vesta Dipping Grill, Rioja. Have fun!

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