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Hi ho, Hi ho, it’s off to Texas I go.

It’s time for this San Diego beach bum to put on a pair of cowboy boots and a pair of leather chaps cause I’m on my way to Houston. I’ve been practicing my southern drawl and been downing sweet tea by the gallon to prepare. I’m going to be there from the June 24th to July 15th. That’s one long a$$ business trip! I’ve never been to Texas before so I’m excited to see if everything really is bigger.

My daily allotment for meals and incidentals is $59. That’s a crapload of money for meals and laundry each day. In addition to my per diem pay, I am also required to work at least 10 hours of overtime a week (paid at time and a half). At the end of the three weeks I’m planning on returning home with an extra $1,500 in my pocket. Hellz yea!

One thing I am not excited about…the forecast shows 100° every single day. It’s going to be disgustingly hot and considering I have to wear a shirt and tie, I’m prepared to sweat a good 20lbs each day. This is also going to be my first business trip alone, so I’m kinda preparing myself for a lot of lonely/awkward nights. I’m not really looking forward to eating out. Here’s how I envision a trip to a local restaurant…

Hostess: “Hi how many?”
Me: “Just me.”
Hostess whispering to friend: “What a loser he’s eating by himself.”
Me: (Run out of the restaurant crying like a little schoolgirl)

I’m not a real big fan of dining out solo. Haven’t done too much of it in my day, but the few times I have I remember feeling like everyone in the restaurant was staring at me. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but come on, it’s a little awkward eating out alone, right? I think I may be doing a bunch of take out and eating at the bar (drunk people tend to be friendlier).

I haven’t really set up a game plan for what I’m going to do with my free time in Houston, so if anyone has any suggestions I’m more than happy to hear them. I figure I’ll spend a good chunk of my time working out, blogging, working, eating, and sleeping. Wish me luck as I venture off on my first solo business trip!!!

I leave you with a Chuck Norris fact, in honor of Walker Texas Ranger…

If you have five dollars and Chuck Norris has five dollars, Chuck Norris has more money than you.

p.s. Think of me on the 4th of July when you are all with your families and I am sitting in my hotel room watching Oprah 🙁



  1. Take something to read when you eat. That way you stay busy and don't have to make eye contact.

  2. Houston is a business town, if you are staying downtown you aren't going to be the only one dining alone, I can assure you of that. Either bring a book or your laptop to dinner or sit at the bar to eat and you will be fine.

    Houston is a decent town, they actually have some underground tunnels you can use to move around downtown without being in the heat too much, I always got lost in them though.

  3. You should eat at the bar. Even if you're not drinking it's always easy to start up conversations with people in a similar solo state. As for the 4th, I've never been to Houston, but please please do something other than watch Oprah! Texas is pretty patriotic, no? They just may be shooting off fireworks that night. Maybe. 😉 Sounds like a nice saving trip!

  4. LOL! Funny post. You'll like Texas. Cuz I like Texas. It's not only gonna be HOT, its gonna be humid. You'll want to take lots of showers. And I'm with myprettypennies…find a bar. Good advice for a loner (oops! did I just say that?). LOL. have a safe trip. especially cuz you gonna have lots of money on your return!

  5. I live in Houston. You gotta get some breakfast burritos/tacos while in the city. Also, look for a Kolache Factory, this is the best breakfast food ever. I dig the Rancheros. (http://www.kolachefactory.com/locations/index.asp) Generally, a decent lunch will run ~$13. Dinner will be slightly more.

    Be prepared for a lot of bad traffic and bad drivers. You won't really need to worry about the heat unless you are walking around outside. Most places crank the AC.

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