Hey I’m on Forbes Today…

So a Forbes journalist reached out to me a couple weeks back and we did a phone interview about my life and financials. The article is live on Forbes today and if you want to read it you can click here. I wouldn’t say everything in there is exactly how I would have portrayed our situation, but nonetheless, it’s a still a decent piece.

And if you want to get a real kick out of it, click over to the same article on Yahoo and read the comments. Man, some people are brutal 🙂

8 thoughts on “Hey I’m on Forbes Today…”

  1. Nice article, enjoyed the read and congratulations on being featured on both Forbes and Yahoo. I’ve noticed that a lot of comments on major sites would rather just doubt others instead of making changes in their own lives. It seems like it happens across a wide variety of subjects, not just personal finance.

  2. Hey Ninja, just found out about your blog after reading the Forbes article. I feel like my wife and I are pretty much at the same personal finance stage as you and Girl Ninja (same age, similar net worth, similar philosophy, etc.). I scrolled through some of your previous posts and really enjoyed them. Then I started reading the comments on the Yahoo version of your story and noticed that you are writing a lot of responses to the family of trolls that live there and hates for a living. My advice is don’t waste your energy on that and put some more energy into putting out more blog posts, since it looks like they are getting further and further apart. Sounds like you are pursuing other interests, or the novelty has worn off. Anyways, it would be a shame for you to stop blogging especially since I just found out about punchdebtintheface. Keep up the good work.

    • I read some more… such anger and stupidity. People love to talk with authority on things they know nothing about, then they get so mad when they are called out. Gotta love the internet.

  3. Hey guys,

    I just got here from the Yahoo article. Firstly good for you, keep doing what your doing (although the mention of a cable made me all twitchy as rabbit ears cost $10 for life..:)..).

    I retired at 52 with a portfolio of around $1.3M.. its currently pushing $2m after I got a buyout offer from a company pension and last year’s stock market growth. I emigrated to the US in 1997 with a debt of $160k. paid the house off in 2003 (Employment was vey tenuous in the one horse town at the time) and invested the rest mostly in stock ETF’s like your currently doing. I still do some part time work while I wait for Mrs Exflyboy to quit work. During this time we were giving roughly 10% of our income.

    So yes it can be done. In fact if you head over to Mrmoneymustsatche you’ll find you can be financially independent in 17 years with a 50% savings rate. That proved to be true in our case.

    Oh and I have never sent a car to a mechanic for any reason, we even doubled the size of our tiny house with our own bare hands. Lots of ways to save more money..:).

    All the best.


  4. Hey Ninja,

    I’ve been following you for a while and I really like what you have to say on the topic. I have learned so much and appreciate the value you have given. You can stop writing about money and it’ll be ok, but I personally love your pictures and stories!


  5. the comments on yahoo were awesome.. like the guy that first said all your assets were in home equity, then when you listed them out, said “oh, so 35 % is sunk in equity, blah blah blah”. overlooking the fact that that is 35% of 400k, basically 100k of which was cash when you bought the house, not solely from property appreciation .. would love to see his net worth figures 🙂

    or the guy that said that you need a firm talking to at work for exposing yourself as a “secret agent”. Call me presumptuous, but I’d be willing to bet that before you appeared on TV or news articles, you probably cleared it with your supes, just like any reasonable person would do 🙂

    People sure do love to find fault in everyone sometimes. you guys are doing awesome!

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