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Here’s How to Get a Credit Card With no Credit History

Are you finding it hard to get approved for a credit card? It might be because most of the credit card lenders require the applicants to have some proper form of credit history. It might also include a credit score for you to get approval for a new credit card application.

It might be challenging to have a credit score until the one active account on your credit report for half a year. However, don’t despair! You can check out at to see the best credit cards for individuals who have no credit. After that, you ought to know how to get a credit card with no credit. It’s as follows. 

  • Get a job

Here might be the first step into getting your credit application getting approved. You ought to at least have sufficient income to repay your credit card balance. Whenever you are applying for a credit card, you will get required to list your income.

The income limit tends to vary from one credit card to another. However, you ought to make enough money to pay credit card balances each month. A higher-income might improve your chances of getting approved even when one doesn’t have a credit score.

  • Apply for a student credit card

Are you a student and would like to build your credit history? You can easily qualify for a student credit card. There are credit cards that get designed for college students in institutions of higher learning who have neither enough income nor a credit history.

For you to qualify for this card, you have to show proof that you are at least get enrolled in a qualified higher learning institution. However, you ought to be careful and check on the interest rates. Some of the credit cards might charge a higher fee and interest fee.

  • Get a secured credit card

If you are having a challenging getting approved for traditional credit cards, here’s the go-to cards. There’s nothing wrong with getting a secured card so long as you get one that reports to major credit bureaus.

Secured credit cards have lower or no credit score requirements. However, you’ll have to make a deposit to cover the bank should you default on payment. The deposit amount becomes the credit limit. The good news is that it’s quite refundable once you upgrade to an unsecured credit card.

  • Store card

Did you know that store credit cards have an excellent reputation for approving credit card applications for individuals with no credit history? You can get a store card that gets accepted by a branded store or a small retailer network.

You can also earn incredible rewards regularly. However, be careful as it can result in unnecessary spending. You ought to apply for a store card with caution.

  • Get a co-signer

If you’re finding it challenging to get a credit card on your own, you can get a co-signer. Get a person who has good credit to apply with you. With discipline and dedication, you can build on your credit.

You can check out various websites, including, to check out the best credit card for no credit. As you seek to get any credit card, you must pay close attention to the details stated above.


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