Haterz gonna hate

My girl Krystal over at Give Me Back My Five Bucks wrote a post the other day about her plan to accelerate her mortgage payments. The article ended up getting picked up by The Consumerist and getting over 170 comments. My favorite of those 170 comments was by far and away the first one. It read…

Yeah, all of us are so financially blessed we can pay an extra 20% into our mortgages.


Bwahahaha. What a tool right? Anyone that reads Krystal’s blog knows she is no richer than Michael Jordan is white…oh wait…

White sox....get it?

I need not post a huge rebuttal to this toolbag’s comment however, as someone else summed things up perfectly by saying…

I’m sitting here stunned. This is the first Consumerist article EVER to contain advice that wasn’t applicable to 100% of the population. Totally makes it useless advice, doesn’t it?


And that brings us to the moral of today’s story; Haters are gonna hate. It’s unfortunately that simple.

I remember a few weeks after I blogged about becoming debt free, I had a person email me saying they felt I was no longer relatable or appealing. Because my blog was called Punch Debt In The Face, but no longer had debt, I apparently lost all credibility in their eyes. In an effort to remain relevant, I’ve asked Sallie Mae to give me back my $28,000 student loan balance so I can re-punch it in the face.

Hahaha, yea right. If that’s what I’d have to do to keep you as a reader, please do me a favor and click here.

Do you know anyone that tends to bring others down to make themselves feel better? Have you ever been the victim of trolling? If I started a website called Punch Miserable People In The Face, would you subscribe?

p.s. We ‘re getting a new Macbook.

30 thoughts on “Haterz gonna hate”

  1. Most people on my blog are very supportive. I get the occasional ney-sayer. But one comment stands out as a H8R. We send both our kids to summer day camp (as daycare while we are working). It runs about $1,000 for both kids. We save up for this every year and pay “cash” for it (they don’t take CC anyway).

    Last summer, someone went off on me how we can be in so much debt, and “waste” money on camp for the kids. That we are totally irresponsible and overindulgent. And I had no right to complain about my debt since I had all this extra money to throw around.

    Two kids….swimming, weekly field trips, arts and crafts, games….pizza and ice cream parties….PLUS, they provide a nurse and an aide for our special needs son. And my kids are watched for the whole summer? Done.

    • Not that you need my approval, but I agree with you on this expense. My mom was a single mom, and she’d leave us home and unoccupied in the summer. Not only was I totally unproductive (6+ hrs a day of tv). but I got into MOUNDS of trouble.

  2. We all get these haters but I have found that they become less vocal when they find out you are a real person (with a real name and everything). Anonymous bloggers are easier targets. So, now that everyone knows who I am and where I live, most of them keep their hater opinions to themselves.

  3. those haters 1) want to feel better about themselves while reading about other people’s problems, 2) want to have same miserable company as they are, 3) are jealous that they can’t bring themselves to do the same thing to get debt free. It’s one thing to disagree, and another to criticize without offering any solutions. What good does that really do? I wonder if they are like that offline as well.

  4. Yep, there are always gonna be haters, which is sad, because hate and jealousy are such a waste of time and energy. If someone’s able to accelerate their mortgage payments, all the power to them!! When our budget allows, we too put down extra money on our mortgage… doesn’t happen all the time, but every little bit helps!

    My ex was a hater; put everyone down (including yours truly) to make himself feel better… what a tool… when our relationship was getting dicey, he told me I had to choose between him and the cat; when he questioned why I didn’t answer right away, I told him I was weighing the pros and cons about who I’d rather live with… he lost, Kitty won, and I met a great guy (my now-Hubby) a year later…karma, baby!!

    I would FOR SURE follow a Punching Miserable People in the Face blog LOL! Keep doing what you’re doing Ninja; I wouldn’t read your blog every day if I didn’t find it informative and humourous!

  5. One thing you have to understand. There are a lot of haters in the population of people who read the consumerist. The whole point of that site is to complain about big bad companies that they are in no way forced to do business with. It’s not surprising that they will also complain about ideas posted on websites they are in no way forced to read.

  6. I like how the comment says Krystal is financially blessed, thereby ignoring the fact that she works as much as she does to earn the money. So for me, it’s simple math. Jealousy + laziness = Hater.

    And I’d totally subscribe to Punch Miserable People In The Face.

  7. There have always been, and always will be haters. Usually the best thing to do is ignore them. But occasionally its fun to hem them into a corner with indisputable facts that they can’t counter. Now that’s fun!

    I teach people in my Celebrating Financial Freedom course that when you finally ask the question “how do I get out of debt?” there will be those that say it can’t be done. They will question your motives, they will kill your get out of debt buzz. But you have to ignore the naysayers and do what you know is right.

    If you act like the rest of the “normal” (broke) people in the world then normal is what you’ll be. I prefer to be different, and so do those who follow me.

  8. I think it’s difficult for people to really wrap their heads around the fact that, just because you (and Krystal) make a decent enough living to pay off your debt quickly, you still had to struggle once too.

    I’m a student who pays for her tuition up front, mainly because I can’t take out a loan. I also live on my own, so really, my financial situation sucks, but I’m still trying.So I think it’s just not as applicable to people, like me, who just simply cannot do the things that you and Krystal are doing (yet!!!). But that doesn’t mean it’s not interesting to read people at different financial points in their lives – some people are just haters 🙂

  9. Just to let you know, I’m clicking on that link about the Sallie Mae loan. Just because I’m curious. And I’d absolutely subscribe to a “Punch miserable people in the face”. Mainly because I think it would provide excellent advise on how to deal with the haters. That would be awesome.

  10. I tweeted Krystal about this as well – people like to think that they are victims of their circumstance, so it’s easy to point the finger and hate on someone who has their act together and is making things work for her.

    The truth is, that just about anybody could be in a position to make extra payments, save for retirement, create an emergency fund. – ANYBODY! But you have to be willing to establish your priorities as such and make sacrifices along the way sometimes too.

    Hataz gonna hate….

  11. I would love to be where you and Krystal are, but I am not. And frankly digging yourself out of debt is one of the most painful and than liberating feeling in the world. When I say I paid off XXX in one year on my student debt I wear that number like a badge of honour! I have more debt then both or you and less income but I know that if i can do it, then I can do anything else I put my mind to with a little bit of elbow grease.

  12. It always amazes me when people write emails tearing others down (or companies). I guess it makes sense when you can get something out of it. Like when I write letters to airlines or a restaurant, but for the average person just seems like a waste of energy.

  13. Punch Miserable People In The Face blog could turn out even more popular than this one! So here is a crazy question to blow your mind, “Should you love haters or hate haters?”

  14. Someone that leaves a comment like is the same person who hates his or her job (his probably since we men are much more aggressive lol) but has never updated his resume once or networked. It is the world’s fault and not his.

    I actually wish I got more aggressive people over at my site lol is that weird?

    • You might *think* you want more aggressive people over at your site, but once you get them, you’ll be trying to figure out how to get rid of them! 😛

      Actually in all honesty, the haterz are what make blogging more interesting. But it still amazes me that people can be so aggressive and so rude on the internet. I would never write a comment that I wouldn’t say to someone’s face.

  15. I know I am late to the party….I find this question fascinating. I am just beginning my journey from spendthrift to debt free so my brain is diseased and stores questionable financial judgement. A month ago I would say BUY whether you needed it or not or could afford it or not. You WANT it right? Done and done.

    After reading your blog, David Ramsey, Thousandaire and others and paying cash for everything (did you know that purchasing items with cash is much harder than with my debit card? Even if I NEED it – it turns my stomach to let go of those 20s) in my heavily indebted situation – I would say no and hope for the best with the equipment I have.

    You, however, are out of debt and can afford it. So there is no reason not to make the purchase unless you are really concerned about other people thinking you are a “consumerist”. Who cares what they think – you’ve made the right choices, saved your money, planned for retirement and are helping others (like me) realize that debt is the incarnation of evil itself. (So there are some karma points for you).

  16. heh, no longer relevant? that’s silly. provide them with a link to the beginning of you blog when there was still debt to be punched and remind them that the present you should serve as proof that it can be done and inspiration to get there.

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