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I hate all Extreme Cheapskates.

Apparently there is a show on TLC called Extreme Cheapskates.

I hate it.

Full disclosure: I’ve never actually watched an episode since Girl Ninja and I didn’t sign up for cable until a week before I left for Europe. But what I have done is watched a few clips from the show on the TLC website. It’s disturbing.

The show focuses on people who go to great lengths to save a few bucks. The clip above features a couple who takes all of their showers together. They give themselves two minutes TOTAL to get clean. They not only share the same bottle of shampoo, but the guy actually takes the soapy suds out of his wife’s shampooed hair, to clean his.

It gets worse.

They then proceed to use the same razor. Right as the woman finishes shaving her armpits, homeboy takes the razor and starts shaving his face with it. Yuck.


They then pop out of the shower and share a toothbrush to brush their teeth. I had enough as I watched them share the same piece of dental floss to clean their teeth. #VOMIT

I’m sorry to inform you, but these actions don’t make you appear as though you are a budget conscious saver. Heck I wouldn’t even use the term “Extreme Cheapskate” to label your actions. The only word I can think of that adequately describes your behavior is WEIRD. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind sharing a shower with Girl Ninja on occasion, but when we do, I can assure you it’s not to save money 😉

But hey, at least you aren’t peeing in a bottle to save some money on your water bill…

Don’t even get me started on bottle pee-er lady. She admits to having a gym membership, but wont flush her freakin’ toilet? Oh, or the lady that doesn’t believe in buying toilet paper so she wipes her butt with her hand.

Faith in humanity is gone forever.



  1. Did she just smell her pee? She saved $10 a month? Really? I’m all for cutting corners and being frugal, but this is crazy. I guess this is the same neighborhood where the hoarders live.

  2. I was excited when this show started because I thought I might learn some real money savings tips. I could not watch the full episode because I was so grossed out.

    This is not a show about saving money. This is a freak show like Hoarders and The Kardashians.

    • I was thinking the same thing when I first tuned into this show. I watched a few episodes thinking maybe they were just showing people like those above just to get the ratings at first, but honestly, all of them are pretty far out there on the “frugality spectrum”.

  3. I am going to admit I have watched the show and have come to the conclusion that hygiene and health is not important to them. These people are so selfish they don’t care who is affected by it. If their kids get food poison from eating old, nasty, not properly refrigerated food is OK as long as it doesn’t cost them anything. Ugh!

  4. I was excited when this show was advertised because I thought I might pick up some good money saving tips but I was so grossed out I couldn’t watch.

    This is a freak show like Hoarders and The Kardashians not a program with helpful money saving advice.


    When can the unicorns cartoon come back? The guy in the new cartoon is unsettling.

  5. Why oh why did I watch that! I knew it was bad but couldn’t stop myself. I am all for saving money, but that is going to far.

    Even my Gma who is frugal would not go this far. The most extreme with water habits would be to flush for poo only or when the pee built up in the toilet.

  6. The irony is that they’re not saving any significant money by doing any of these things. But who’s worse: the narcissistic morons who let themselves be filmed for these shows (and there are countless “reality” shows now of all kinds putting “ordinary” people on display doing “ordinary” things), the exploitative producers and networks airing the shows, or the (insert disparaging adjective of choice) public that apparently can’t get enough of this crap?

  7. I stopped for a moment on this show. It was appalling. The people featured seemed to be laying it really thick (like the guy who brought his wife wilted flowers in a black garbage bag for their anniversary dinner, then asked people leaving if he could have the food they didn’t eat, even though his wife begged him not to). All the examples I’ve seen or heard of above seem to show that saving a penny or two (literally) is more important to these people than their relationships, health, hygiene, environment (i.e., the people who burn their garbage instead to save on collection fees) etc. I don’t know why anyone would want to glorify these examples. I will not tune in again on principle.

  8. Well, showers together lead to good sex 😀

    But we do it only from time to time and we do use our own cleaning supplies. Can’t comment on the peeing issue, it’s too gross to even think about it.

  9. I have seen guys shave their faces (stick razor and cream) in the locker room of the gym a few times and it always seemed weird. Since I swim the gyms I get memberships at are never the cheapest in the area I didn’t think they were doing this to save money, but after seeing this I can’t help but wonder.

    Also my friend father would freeze plastic milk jugs full of water and put them in rooms instead of using central air(not effective) & would use a kerosene space heater indoors (very dangerous) to save money. I think he ended up spending more to fix the water damage and repair the ceiling due to all of the soot from the heater.

    • I swim as well and I’ve seen multiple members on my team shave their legs and underarms while showering after practice. I am positive that it is more a matter of convenience and not a matter of trying to save money.

    I don’t have cable either and I was not aware of this show. We have more nuts running around loose that I could have ever imagined.
    TWO Minutes… heck, the hot water hasn’t reached my shower yet… and the toothbrush and floss are OVER THE TOP. If I did something that weird I CERTAINLY wouldn’t TELL anybody… let alone let someone video tape me doing it. When do we get to talk about the puppy? 😉

  11. Now I’m glad I’m so cheap I don’t have cable!

    For your first example though, I don’t understand how they are saving any money by sharing hygiene equipment. Don’t the razors wear out after a certain number of uses anyway? It’s not, like, the number of days after you open the package!

    I have to say, though, that my dad showers at the gym religiously and he mentions saving on the water bill from time to time. Obviously the gym membership is way more expensive, but since he’s paying for it anyway he’s going to use the showers there over the one at his home! And he does work out every day at the start of the day so it’s convenient for him to just shower there.

  12. so it’s early in the morning here in Italy, I’ve never heard of the show, I read your blog and the last sentence made me gag a little.
    Wow. Not only this people exist, they also make a tv show abou them…

  13. so it’s early in the morning here in Italy, I’ve never heard of the show, I read your blog and the last sentence made me gag a little.
    Wow. Not only this people exist, they also make a tv show about them…

  14. Believe it or not a lot of those people have loads of money stashed they just dont want to go back to daily job so they become really cheap to save money. These people will not a cent to local charities or those in need. They hoard money like it will disappear if they dont.

  15. Did they ever say where all this “saved” money is going?

    Savings account? Paying off debt? Sexy Vanguard index funds?

    For some reason, I doubt many of these people are going to have six figure brokerage accounts in 10 years.

  16. Oh my goodness, I saw an episode of this once where the people used rags as toilet paper and would launder them each week and reuse them. I think it scarred me for life… thanks for piling on some new horrors for me to turn over obsessively in my head too 😛

  17. I remember seeing the casting calls for this show. They were looking for the absurd, gross, way over the top people. Mission accomplished apparently!

    After all, you would never watch a show about me driving my thirteen year old car (except when I walk for 80% of my trips that happen to be very short) or how I buy the produce that is on sale each week, or don’t buy excessive insurance coverage we don’t need.

    And as for shampoo – just shave your head and/or go bald! 🙂 I’m still on the same bottle of shampoo from three years ago (and I bathe semi-regularly at least). No joke there. Unless you’re a woman or a long haired hippie, I can’t see shampoo expenditures topping a few bucks a year.

    I’d rather find ways to reduce my investment portfolio’s expense ratio by 0.01%. That would save me way more than any of the bizarre stuff mentioned in this article (about the TV show).

    I call this kind of TV irritainment. You find it entertaining because it is kinda irritating or disturbing.

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