What do you hate buying?

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When I went to college, I moved to a town that was about an hour from where I grew up. That meant that whenever I needed something odd or that I would use just once or twice and not need again, I could just go take it from my parents house. Usually, they wouldn’t mind (or wouldnt know it was missing) and I didn’t have to buy something that I didn’t want to buy. This was good for me, but later I realized that it set me up for being rather annoyed later in life when I moved farther away.

Because I always went home to get things when I needed them, my “budget” (who am I kidding, I didn’t have one) consisted only of things that I liked to buy/had to pay for like a cell phone, internet, rent and fun activities with my friends. I rarely spent money on things that were used in everyday life, such as bedsheets, pillows and dishes.

I considered buying those things a waste of my hard earned money, and an extremely lame use of resources to boot. I know my economics, every dollar that you spend on bed sheets means 1/8th of a burrito that you cant buy to enjoy with friends. So, I coasted along for 4 years not really buying anything of that sort and generally dismissing the purchase every time I needed something.

This set me up for a world of annoyance when I moved further away from my parents. I was making the bed one day when I realized my pillows were in dire need of replacement. I sat there dumbfounded for a while, wondering what to do. I really didn’t want to spent money on a stupid set of pillows. How lame. Money is supposed to be for fun stuff.

Reluctantly, I trudged down to the local Wal-Mart (basically the only place I could get pillows in town) and bought some. I wasn’t happy that I had to buy them, but buy them I did. However, I ended up seeing this as an important lesson for me on the allocation of my finances. Sometimes, you cant just spend all your spare change on fun, food and friends. You need some things to live and be comfortable, and no matter how much it sucks buying 6 bathroom towels when you’re 23, you’re showing you know how to use your (most likely limited) resources wisely.

I’d also like to add medical services of any kind to this list. I hate paying the bills for the eye doctor and the dentist.

To The Readers:
Are there any things that you absolutely hate buying? What are they and why do you hate to buy them so much

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  1. I hate buying house items like cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies, tin foil and lunch bags, stuff like that which you need to buy once a month or so and it ads up.

  2. I hate paying for car repairs or house renos that aren’t visible (i.e., furnace, roof, etc.-you know, no fun before and after pics). It just isn’t a fun way to spend money. I also loathe spending on housewares…all my stuff I got as wedding gifts is wearing out and I continue to get by with chipped dishes (which are rapidly diminishing as we continue to break them) but I hesitate to buy replacements. I’d rather put the money toward travel, socializing etc.

  3. @ Craig – Totally agree with you there. I hate cleaning, so it makes buying cleaning supplies that much more painful. Why would I buy something that will enable me to do something that I hate doing?

    @ psycharah – Those repairs suck too. Your vacation goes out the window, but all of the sudden, you can heat your house again. What a crappy trade. And when everyone asks where your pictures from the beach are, you have to tell them you had to get a new furnace instead. Suckfest!

  4. I agree about hating buying cleaning supplies, including paper towels & toilet paper because one good trip to Target can cost $50 in that kind of stuff! But what I came to comment about was what the second commenter said – car repairs! I’ve spent about $3,000 this year on my car and MAN I hated every minute of it, and every dollar that went there instead of the 50 other, better things it could have gone to.

  5. I hate buying car tires. You’re never like “Hey! Check out my new tires! They’re so… round!?

  6. I hate paying full price for oil changes and tire rotations when I can’t find the appropriate coupon. I also hate all errands – groceries, vets, doctors…I don’t think I was cut out to be good at being an adult. 🙂

  7. Health insurance, i’d rather just invest the money and then pay for my health treatments. Australia has a tax system that if you don’t have health insurance you have to pay and extra 1.5% in tax. So i either have to pay $1040 a year in Health insurance or $1050 in tax either way I’m a looser.

  8. we have to buy a new furnace this fall. and that is going to suck. hello 8000 tax credit, goodybe 4000. it’s not like you say hey everyone, welcome to our new house. come check out the furnace!!!

    ahhh…such is the life of a grown up 🙂

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