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Happy Saturday suckers!

Yo, yo, yo. I hate Saturdays, for one reason. They are my worst website traffic day. The numbers always drop for me on the weekend and it is oh so painful to watch. I have done a little blog stalking though and it appears even more established blogs have a downward trend on the weekends. I guess that’s probably a good thing because it means people are probably doing things like spending time with family or working out or something. For the weekend warriors here is a list of what caught my attention this week.

My Pretty Pennies had a wonderful post about how badly she wants to get out of debt, but that she also needs to be content in her current situation. Puts things in perspective for sure.

The Censtible Life wrote a dear letter to a former friend…her credit cards. It appears as though she is breaking up with them…WAY TO GO!

Debt Sucks Blog wrote about his experiences hosting his first personal finance carnival…pretty funny and insightful.

Those were three PF related articles that caught my eye this week. Go enjoy them and then enjoy the rest of your weekend!



  1. Came through because your post title on PFblogs intrigued me… but yay, you linked to me, thanks! 😀

    Guess I'll have to subscribe around here. This is the kind of blog I like to read – personal stuff, not the same droning financial advice over and over and over again.

  2. When you think about it, what the difference between Saturday and a weekday? The peeps aren't at work, that's what! Looks like most of your readership works the old 9 to 5. Makes you wonder about all the lost productivity because people are reading your blog bro… 🙂

  3. @ Jake- Thanks man, keep the good entertaining articles coming and Ill be more than happy continuing to link to ya man 🙂

    @ Josh- My austrailian homie! I've been waiting for a comment from you. I guess it's true the majority of people read personal finance blogs during their work day. On a side note, I have tried to check out your website a couple times, but can never get the link on your name to work…what's the deal?

  4. Thanks for the post shout-out.

    I loooove my Saturdays! However, maybe I should start to blog more on the weekends because my budget always gets hit so hard during those off-days.

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