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When did that happen?

Sometimes I think to myself “I can’t believe I’m a grown up!”. I don’t feel old. I don’t look old, and I sure as h-e-double-hockey-sticks don’t act old. I use to think “old” was an age, but I’m quickly learning it’s a lifestyle.

I remember being bored to death when my parents would watch political news. It didn’t make any sense to me. Why was watching some old guy talk about two other old guys interesting? If it wasn’t on MTV, I didn’t watch it. (Still love me some 16 and pregnant…I know…embarrassing).

Same goes for finances. Although I have always enjoyed numbers (self proclaimed math nerd), I hated dealing with money. Did you know I didn’t learn how to write my own checks until I was 21 years old. Twenty-freakin-one. Pathetic right? I also didn’t know how to log in to my checking and savings accounts until after I graduated college. I had to have Mom Ninja sit me down and show me how online banking worked.

As much as I don’t want to accept it, I guess I’ve kind of become a legitimate grown up. I’m married, I manage my own money, and heck, I even cook my own dinner sometimes! I find myself becoming more and more interested in “old guy” stuff like politics and finances. I can’t help but laugh when I reflect on how much I hated the shows my parents watched when I was a kid, to now find myself watching the same darn things.

I sit here wondering “What other things will become interesting to me as I age?” Maybe I will take up quilting, lawn bowling, or listening to AM radio.

Wait, what am I saying… in an attempt to enjoy my young spirit, I think I’m going to go buy a pair of Jnco jeans (please tell me someone remembers these), a hacky sack, a set of pogs, and I’m gonna go watch Boy Meets World and Full House (TGIF for the win!!!!).

Have you found yourself enjoying things you once hated (art, coffee, reading for pleasure, history channel, etc)? What “childish” things do you still enjoy (cartoons, video games, Macaroni and Cheese)? At what age does one go from young to old?




  1. Hah! I sometimes get home and think “who owns this house? whose dog is this? wait, I’m married?! when did I get so old!” I don’t feel old at all!
    But in truth, I’ve always been something of an old person at heart. Now I’m just more age-appropriate in my disdain for loud bars, late nights, and uncomfortable clothing. And I’ve always liked art. And reading for pleasure.

    I absolutely remember (and owned) Jnco jeans (well, a knock-off brand), hacky sacks, pogs, and TGIF. We were so cool!

  2. I remember Jncos! I used to hate museums when I was a kid, because they were so boring, but I think maybe there just aren’t enough museums with kid-friendly exhibitions, because I like them now.

  3. I now sport a beard and have joined our local coin club… Apparently coin collecting isn’t cool with the young folks?

  4. I think I thought I was old when I had my first job and first paycheck. Its like, “Look at me world, Im rich – I can afford anything up til $350” hahahaha

  5. It’s a gradual transition. For example, my attitude towards staying out late:

    20 – Party all night long, stumble into bed at 6am
    25 – The bar’s closing…time to go home
    30 – In bed by midnight or my sleep schedule gets out of whack for like two weeks (rarely worth it)

    My grandparents (80ish) go to bed at like 8pm and get up at like 4am. I am in the downward spiral, man.

    And my attitude towards saving money:

    20 – I want it, I buy it
    25 – Maybe I should try to, like, not spend more than I earn?

    P.S. Lawn bowling is awesome.

  6. Hated coffee in my 20’s and only needed 1 cup on occasion after a late night; now in my mid-40’s, it’s my life blood… I can’t live without the stuff.

    We’re falling asleep by 9:30pm, up at 4:30AM, though I am looking forward to the time when it’s socially acceptable for us to eat dinner at 4:30PM… I think seniordom with be a very smooth transition for me and my 40 year old husband 😉

  7. I’m 46 and still catch myself in the realization that I’m a full blown adult sometimes.

    The great thing is, every decade older has gotten even better. I loved my 30’s but I love my 40’s even more. I feel more settled with life and myself as a person. Blah blah blah, now I sound like an old person. 🙂

  8. 35 and still watching Spongebob Squarepants. Living the dream!

    Actually, it turned out to be a good frame of reference and cultural exchange during a period living in Germany (I’m from the UK) when I discovered he was called Spongebob the Sponge or similar. Awesome!

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