Goosebumps pick your own path

If you are my generation, I’m sure you’ve read a Goosebumps book or two in your day. Perhaps you recall the special editions that allowed you to pick your own path as you read through the book. It made reading interactive and definitely kept me engaged. Goosebumps was freakin’ awesome.

Anyways, I just got back from my three-week vacation (one week in Canada and two weeks in Europe) and have ton I could write about. But for now, my internal clock is still off and I need to get some rest. That’s why I’m going to give you, the reader, and opportunity to pick the path for PDITF’s next blog post (coming tomorrow). It could be about…

…The $10,000 budget we have for fixes/upgrades to our new house

…More detailed information on the closing process

….Finding out the previous owners of our home left a ton of garbage and crap in the house when we took possession and we had to fight to get them to take care of it

…A post about our two weeks in Europe and including thoughts on why Venice is overrated

…The dog (Vizsla) we will be getting mid December

…A reflection on being three years married

Let me know what sounds the most appealing (or least miserable) and I’ll write something up tomorrow. Thanks for being patient with me these last couple weeks. Hopefully by tomorrow my body will be off Spain time 😉

p.s. I found out yesterday I will be going to Germany and The Netherlands from early November to Mid December for work. What an interesting and fun season of life GN and I are in. 

47 thoughts on “Goosebumps pick your own path”

  1. A ton of crap and garbage? The pictures you showed of the property looked pristine to me. I wish it would only cost 10k to customize our new house but it looks like we will end up spending close to 4 times that amount. Probably should’ve bought a resale. Nah, I like my “stuff” new 🙂

  2. Just ’cause a previous owner left the house empty does not mean they left the shed, back yard, garage, etc all nice and happy. There are many types of garbage, not all of it paper and beer cans. On that note, I would like to know about your fight on removal. I have entered houses both ways (clean and omg what were they thinking?) , and new perspectives on how to fix egregiousness are always good. One house I sold a lot of stuff that was left behind… It was interesting getting a phone call from the previous owner three months after move in demanding I return some of their stuff.

  3. I certainly want to hear about the garbage left behind and what was done about it. Can they be charged a fee for that, or is it too late because you already “closed?” I would have loved to see you get some money back due to them leaving their crap behind. Sometimes I seriously wonder what is wrong with people….


  4. Please write about Venice being overrated. Mostly because I completely agree, and also because in my opinion, it’s partially related to the garbage that was left in your new home.

  5. I would like to hear about all of them. Well, I’ve bought multiple houses over the years so the closing process is not new to me, but the other stuff all sounds interesting.

    You and GN are in a fun season of life. I’m glad you are able to recognize it as such because I think that makes a person enjoy and appreciate it even more. Cheers!

  6. I vote for your repair and upgrade budget and how you are going to use it because 10k doesn’t go very far especially when hiring labor in the construction trades. Hell I am going to need a new roof in a couple of years and based on what my friend paid in materials (he did his own labor) is going to cost me 10-15k and that’s if I do it myself.
    Other than that I am shocked that there was anything in that house. Looking at the pictures of how the house was staged I thought everything would have gone back to a rental company except maybe the moving boxes they cover with sheets to stage bedrooms.

  7. Venice is definitely overrated. It felt so touristy to us, and was our least favorite place we visited. So I vote, Europe, then garbage, then the closing process. But they all sound great.

  8. Garbage for sure!

    Agree with you on Venice. Florence is by far Italy’s most beautiful city. If you’re a history buff, I get the allure of Rome, but Florence was definitely the most memorable part for me.

  9. Europe sounds more interesting than house stuff! Vacation budgets in particular, if you’re going with the whole personal finance thing.

  10. Europe! Crazy jealous you’re going to Germany and the Netherlands. I have a friend in Germany I want to see and Amsterdam was an amazing time. Didn’t think I’d like it that much, but it’s a great city.

  11. Europe and Venice. I find it interesting so many people dislike Venice, I loved it and can’t wait to go back. Though I have gathered that I’m lucky I went in March instead of the summer. No smell.

    • I bet that’s a lot of it, along with the periodic flooding. I went in October when it was cool, and loved it. Absolute magic riding a vaporetto down the Grand Canal towards San Marco.

  12. I want to hear about everything but first about the garbage. I’m moving soon and I end up paying Merry Maids to come in after I’ve cleaned to make sure everything is spotless.

  13. If not tomorrow, please talk about the house closing process soon! My husband and I are looking into buying a house and there are almost no resources (in plain English, at least) that talk about the closing process.

  14. Hearing about getting the previous owners to remove their garbage may be good, if both parties were reasonable about their end. Otherwise, married life.

  15. Oh, I’m a little torn. Can’t pick just one… so here you go:

    Garbage in the house, first.
    the budget for the upgrades, second.

  16. Hey Ninja, I tried to to comment on an older post but it’s been closed. I just wanted to ask a quick question and I hope you can answer it. A few posts down you mention meeting the guy who said he wasn’t in debt, yet still had a car loan. Why then do you evaluate your net worth at 130K if you have a new mortgage (or did you pay cash?). Serious question, not trying to be snooty!

    Oh, and let’s hear about getting the trash out of the house!!


  17. Yes, I want to hear about all topics you listed. You are just going to have to recover from your trip a little faster because
    inquiring minds need to know…. it all.
    Glad you’re back safely

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