Good news or bad news?

I got some good news and some bad news? Which one do you want first? Seeing that I’m a pretty happy ninja, let’s start this beautiful Monday morning with the good news.

I am 99% sure I am going to have internet access while I am abroad. That’s right mother lovers I thought I was going to be out of blogging commission for the next six weeks. If you have no clue what I am talking about right now, you can catch up on the conversation with this previous post. Basically, I’m heading off to a very tiny island for the next six weeks. I leave Thursday. I’ve had some decent traffic growth over the last couple months, and was scared six weeks of no posts would wipe away the gains. Would you drop me from your blog reads if I hadn’t updated in that long? You know you would. Jerk 🙂

Okay, let’s get on with the bad news. Actually, bad is an understatement. This is quite possibly the worst news you will ever hear. Brace yourself for impact….my internet connection abroad is going to be dial-up! I know, terrible right? Well this may not be as tragic as the time I watched someone step on a young bird, but it’s definitely a major downer. I didn’t even know dial-up existed anymore. What does a dial-up connection mean for this Debt Ninja? It means I probably wont have sweet pictures to accompany each blog post (it would take like 70min to upload an image). Also, depending on how frustrating the connection is, I may not be posting every single day.

In the previous post, I also mentioned I was having a dilemma with what to do with my mandatory overtime that I will be working. I could either cash out the 48hrs OT and get paid time and a half, or I could add it to my vacation time. I decided I’m gonna cash that bizznatch in. As much as it would have been nice to take a week off, I’m gonna take the money and run. This was also the overwhelming recommendation from the blogging community. I guess at the end of the day we are all cash whores 🙂

7 thoughts on “Good news or bad news?”

  1. And here I am being all pissy about my crappy DSL and yearning for sweet, sweet cable internet. That super sucks for you, dude.

    Better than nothing, but yuck all the way.

  2. I would stay subscribed to your blog via google reader knowing you are on hiatus for a reason.

    Think of how much your will appreciate your internet connection when you return home after the 6 weeks.

  3. yuck! dial up = gross!

    If I were you I would try to do a few posts now and schedule them to post over the course of the next six weeks. That way, if things are really bogged down and you can only post a few times while you're away, you keep some of your traffic.

  4. Dial up is the equivalent of internet suicide…long and painful. My blessings go with you, I wouldn't wish dialup on anyone 😉

  5. 70mins to upload an image through dialup? You sure about that Ninja? According to my calculations that would mean the sweet images that go with each of your blog posts are 20meg a pop. That's huge! Even for your sweet artwork.

    Wouldn't matter if you did posts without the artwork, but if you still want artwork maybe consider compressing the images first? Get em down to 100kb in size so they take like 20 seconds to upload. If you want some tips on how to do it, drop me a line.

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