Go Big or Go Home

What’s up beautiful people? Are you as excited as I am that it’s Friday!? You have been awesome at commenting and providing some pretty thought provoking conversations and debates at the end of each post. Since you are loyal commenters, I figure I’ll make today a “get to know each other” day.

I’ll keep it nice and simple, ’cause I’m sure most of us have mentally checked out and are preparing for our weekend festivities. So as the title alludes, I’m gonna post up the five things I go big on even though it may end up costing me a couple extra bucks.

1) Shoes. Yes, yes, yes. My name is Debt Ninja and I’m a shoe-a-holic. It may be the metrosexual in me, but I love myself some shoes. I’m a sucker for a sweet pair of pumas or vans. Although they aren’t the most expensive brands to chose from, I definitely am a shoe whore and own far more than the average male. The frugal side of me caves in to my shoe addiction.

2) Girlfriend Ninja. Some of you may be questioning my sexuality after admitting my shoe addiction, but trust me, I like women. Scratch that, I like ONE woman. Call me a romantic, but I love droppin’ some coins on the lady friend. She is beautiful and way to good for me, so I gotta keep her interested and spoil her on b-days and holidays. She’s worth every penny I’ve spent (and more) and I like to think of these gifts as “investments.”

3) Apple products. I know, I should be embarrassed, but ever since I made the switch from PC to Mac, I’ve never looked back. And ya’ know I had to accesorize with the iPhone and iPod stereo in my car. I wish I could say, I wasn’t a victim of the trend, but I’m totally sold on all Apple products. Shoot they could come out with an iBible and I would be the first in line to buy it.

4) Chicken. Is that awkward? Have you ever bought cheap chicken? It’s absolutely disgusting, It’s super tough, salty, and fatty. I thought I was being a good little frugal grocery shopper when I picked up the cheapest chicken on the rack…big mistake. I now look for good quality boneless skinless chicken breasts (hehe, I said breasts) when I’m at Vons or Trader Joes.

5) Gas. I pay a little more at the pump for some good quality gasoline. I do put the bottom grade unleaded in my car, but I try to avoid the Arco’s. Maybe it is a big waste of money, but it’s my understanding the better the quality of gas, the less problems your car will have in the long run. Right? Someone confirm this. I’m starting to wonder if I’ve been suckered by the fuel gods.

Your turn! Drop a line with a few things that you refuse to cheap out on. Most of us are frugal as heck, but sometimes ya can’t compromise on a good quality product. Let’s keep it appropriate (no feminine products or male enhancement tools). I love you guys and girls. Have a great weekend 🙂

23 thoughts on “Go Big or Go Home”

  1. Shoes. Lousy shoes are just dreadful. They hurt so much. Quality shoes also means comfortable and last longer.

  2. Coffee. I refuse to drink "swill" and buy good beans at costco which are ground fresh immediately before brewing each day.

  3. No, no, don't worry about gas… You're right. Better fuel quality = less mechanical problems, over time. My girls always get Shell gasoline, unless I just can't get it for them. (Some road trip stops make it impossible.)

    However, "upgrading" to a higher octane is usually unnecessary. Funny enough, each one of my cars now operates on a different grade… My 240SX takes regular, my Miata takes plus (in the summer), and my S2000 is a premium-only girl.

    Naturally, I won't cheap out on anything for my cars. My girls always get the best that I can give them. 🙂 Oh, and sushi. Life's too short for cheap, not very good sushi! Only time I can drop $50 on dinner and feel VERY good about it!

  4. My car has to have premium gas. It depends on the car. Just google your car.

    It should also be in your owner's manual.

  5. As far as things I don't skrimp on, it would have to be skincare. I use fairly expensive face wash and moisturizer. Well, it might not be expensive to other people, but to me it's a small fortune!

  6. I don't cheap out on good quality food for my pets (much like the gas for your car argument….they will be healthier in the long run).

  7. I go big on hotels while traveling. I will definitely pay $120/night vs. $60/night to be assured of a nice room and a good night's sleep.

  8. Awesome post! I was thinking about posting something similar to yours a few weeks back but never did.. maybe I'll just piggyback yours now 😉

    One thing I noticed I am pretty loyal to sadly enough is Nike. I have a lot of casual Nike shoes along with my own little collection of Vans.. but I noticed when I buy shoes for the gym or clothes for the gym I usually veer towards Nike! A lot of people don't like Nike for running, and I even tried to train for a marathon last year in a pair of Brooks and Aasics with no luck! I still ended up going Nike. I will try to get it on discount though at the Outlet or store.

  9. One think I don't skimp on is my health. It's very important to me that I am putting quality health food into my body, right on down to the type of vitamins I choose to consume (Ola Loa).

  10. I go big with gym shoes. I'm training for a marathon and the shoes make all the difference (of course, I have to go against HighClassLowIncome, I love Asics and Nike just doesn't cut it for me). For apparel, the Target C9 stuff is great, but I did fork out the bucks for a Garmin Forerunner wrist GPS.

  11. For me,I wont skimp on things that are already going to be expensive like electronics such as video cameras and digital cameras. I am a techy and I build most of my own household electronics but video cameras and the like, I do a ton of research, find the best quality for price and go big. I dropped 300$ for a video camera for the wife last Christmas and 850$ on a digital SLR camera the wifes birthday a year before that. I also spent nearly 300$ on a very fancy, high tech rice cooker.
    Lately we have also stopped skimping on food. We buy quality fresh fruits and veggies when we used to pass them up for the canned stuff. Health is a priority for us (a somewhat recent change).

  12. I'm with SS4BC, won't skimp on the bread. In fact, my DH just commented about that to me.

    I know there is more minor things, I won't skimp on but I can't think of what they are (road block).

    Definitely meat, too. Cheap chicken…bleck! I care what I digest. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Toilet paper. I'm not brand-loyal, but half the stuff out there I wouldn't even take for free because it lacks…how to put this politely… structural integrity.

  14. I can't skimp on parts for my car. Ever. No one wants their ride to crap out from a bargain bin battery or faulty eBay springs.

  15. I just had the 'cheap chicken isn't worth it' convo with Mr. on Wednesday. I end up trimming half of the meat/fat/veins off so it's not worth the $1 off.

    For me, it's fabric and crafting materials for my hobby. I will use coupons if they're available, but if the fabric is $20 a yard a costume can get expensive real fast.

    Also, toilet paper. The cheap stuff either dissolves on contact or feels like sand paper.

  16. For me it's taxi cabs. I have my own car and drive most places, but anytime I'll be indulging in a few brews a taxi cab is most definitely worth the cash. After seeing a few mates get done for DUI and getting hit with $1000+ fines and losing their driving licences I think taxis are a small price to pay.

    And of course drink driving is against the law and dangerous anyways.

  17. Why can't I tell you what feminine products I won't cheap out on? Your other female readers may really care!

    Apple isn't a trend. Don't be ashamed to know you're rockin' the best of the best.

    This will sound weird to non-crunchy people, but I've learned the hard way not to go cheap on cloth diapers. The final straw for me and prefolds was the poopsplosion on my bed at 4am when the kiddo was 3mos old.

    I won't cheap out on a car. I won't spend a ridiculous amount for a Mercedes or overly-useless upgrades, but I'm not going to drive around in a Kia that will crumple like paper in a crash.

    I'll pay good money to feed the kiddo and the pets, even if it means I have to eat canned plankton.

  18. Food, especially organic and local. I also buy organic cat food as I'm against GMO's. And 7th generation toilet paper, tissues and paper towels.

  19. Oooh so many good comments and I agree with many of them. I'd have to say high heels. There is no way I can walk or wear comfortably heels that are made cheaply. It's $50+ for me, unless they're a good brand on sale.

    As for your list, I like the girlfriend part–that's really cute. 🙂

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