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Getting pregnant is trendy.

*please excuse my poor grammar in the baby text bubble…im an idiot*

Let’s get pregnant, everyone is doing it. Pregnancy is the new pink. It appears the fall must be a good time to get to baby making because a lot of my facebook friends will be poppin’ out “little ones” this summer. Looking at all these prego-pictures, reminded me, about a month and a half ago I wrote a guest post for Jesse at PFFirewall about the cost of a kid (because he recently brought a bundle of expenses joy in to the world). I was a hard working Debt Ninja yesterday and I’m super-dee-duper tired. So, I am gonna repost that article here, in case ya’ll missed it. If you don’t want to read about babies I’ll summarize the blog in three words…babies are expensive.

Note: I do not have a child (at least that I am aware of) so I used a nifty baby calculator found here to project the following numbers. So you’ve already done “the dirty” and want to know what the damage is gonna be? Can I get a drumroll please …..buhdundundundundundundun…. $266,698 by the time they graudate from a public college.

Here is a list of that pint-sized adult’s annual estimated expenses according to the baby calculator….

Housing: $4,398
Food: $2,008
Transportation: $1,695
Clothing: $535
Healthcare: $735
Childcare: $1,330
Miscellaneous: $1,272
College (18 to 22): $12,796
Total Cost by the time they complete: $266,698

Goodness gracious. It costs a hefty chunk of change to make babies. I don’t necessarily agree with all the costs, some will be higher and some will probably be lower, but overall I bet that $266K figure is relatively accurate. When the time comes for my wife to pop out some baby debt punchers I guess I’m going to name my first one “Cortar”…as in a quarter of a million dollars, cause that’s what it’s going to cost to raise the thing. So how bout it bloggers, Does a baby really cost a quarter million? If so, is a baby worth that much? Seriously though, people with kids, does this number seem crazy?

Abstinence is the best policy,



  1. I have three kids and I have to say I think whoever came up with the calculator either lives somewhere with a much higher cost of living than myself, or they are smoking crack.

    Granted, I live in a rural community, we grow our own garden every year, we swap with friends and family for gently used kids clothes for the younger two and shop discount for the third, my husband hunts in the winter, and so on.

    My childcare is almost three times the amount you have(my two youngest are not in school yet), the insurance is about right, and the rest are more than twice as much as we spend on each child. I'm sure some of these costs will go up as they get older, but some will go down. Especially when they begin working. Is it too early to put in an application for my 5 year old?

    As for the question, are they worth it, my answer would have to be yes, every penny and then some. You can't put a price on the countless things they do to bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. As for those times when mommy is not wearing a smile, I'll just leave that for you to experience in your own time.

  2. Well that's good to know they are high. I figured the older they get the more expensive they are. I don't plan on having my kids work if they play sports and do well in school. If they don't play sports than they will get a job. We'll see though, maybe I'll sell my first kid on the black market?

    Thanks for the input, you sound like a good mom!

  3. Because I have absolutely nothing constructive to add to this, I will point out the spelling fail in your illustration. "No, you are fat makes you look fat?" C'mon, you're supposed to be a ninja! 😛

  4. epic fail on my part Jake. Thanks for pointing out my flaws!!!! HAHAHA. Im an idiot and too lazy to fix it. I'm a debt ninja not a grammar ninja…didn't you read my about me?

  5. @Rebecca our bundle of joy mentioned in the post just started smiling and I cant tell you how much we love to just sit around and stare at her. I agree with you, they are worth every single penny and more. There are late nights and expenses but it is all worth it (at least till they get all bratty and preteen 🙂 jk

    @Ninja hey man thanks for puttin this up again 🙂 it is that time of year. Living in utah, it seems like baby makin is a full time job around here and everybody's hirin haha the hospitals must make a killing in this area

  6. I think the numbers are a tad bloated myself, but even if they aren't I will say this- they are worth every penny!

    You'll agree when you one day decide to have your little mini debt ninja. 🙂

    We are going to have another little EOD running around come October. Well maybe he won't be running around but you know what I mean.

  7. The childcare number is way too low. My parents paid 150/week when I was in preschool 17 or so years ago and that was one of the least expensive places in my area. When I was really young and had a nanny, it cost a LOT more than 1330 a year.

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