Get rid of that darn murdercycle.

I’m gettin’ all Billy Shakespeare and throwin’ down some poetry. “Too sell or not to sell, that is the question.” What am I considering parting ways with? My motorcycle or as my grandmother likes to call it…my “murdercycle.” I’ve analyzed the pros and cons to riding a motorcycle and need some help from you PF’ers to sway me one way or the other (just like when I asked for help about my school loans). So here they are the good and bad of motorcycle ownership…

So there ya have it. My favorite and not-so-favorite things about motorcycle ownership. I should note that I have a work vehicle that I use from nine to five. I usually use my motorcyle for all local commuting (I promised my mom and girlfriend I would minimize freeway use when I bought it). When I go outside of my community I generally hop in my personal vehicle. One major benefit to having the motorcycle, that I forgot to include in the list, is that it keeps miles off my car and keeps me from using it for short trips (short inner city trips are the worst for your car).

I am aware of the dangers of riding a motorcycle…actually too familiar. My pops got in a bad motorcycle wreck about a year ago and almost lost his leg. I’d post a picture of his surgery, but I don’t want my readers to throw up (it’s pretty disgusting). I guess at the end of the day I’m not as worried about the economic impact of owning a motorcycle as much as I am the physical, aKa death, part that comes with the territory. It would make me really sad to sell the thing and see it go, but probably not as sad as my momma bear would be if she was at my funeral.

Where do you draw the line between fun expense and dumb expense? I’ve been wrestling with the idea of selling the thing for a couple weeks now and I’ve been back and forth. Help!!! Anyone and everyone with an opinion is encouraged to respond.

p.s. I think I’m getting pretty awesome at drawing!

4 thoughts on “Get rid of that darn murdercycle.”

  1. From Momma Bears point of view the fact that you are questioning the ownership of the bike is reason to sell it. If your girlfriend had a “fun” activity that had statistics similar to motorcycle riding you would encourage her to stop that activity. Yes, I know your Papa Bear can’t wait to ride again but the key difference between the two of you is that at no point in his young life when he had a goal of a family and marriage did he own a bike and risk that future. I know parking in the city can be a pain but remember your dad’s leg and the amount of pain he still has as well as the “special” parking he uses now and I think you will make the right choice.

  2. I see you went for the ‘Roth IRA – 401K’ model in the pic above. Nice touch 🙂

    You gotta sell that murdercycle. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most awesome bike rider in California with Ninja like reflexes, it’s the guy/girl who’s just got their license who’s driving while changing radio stations and texting their mates that you gotta watch out for. There’s too many bad drivers out there.

  3. I agree with Momma. Call me a worry wart, but I have seen too many accidents and it is definately the other drivers you have to look out for.

    My wife’s dad almost died in a moto accident wearing all the appropriate gear. Her cousin and then fiance both almost died as well. They were all lucky to survive and have health problems in result to this day.

  4. Nevarrrr! I save so much money on gas with my Honda – 70mpg vs 12mpg with my truck. My mother actually WANTS me to have it, as alternate transportation for when things go to hell with my truck, and has been wanting to get one for herself ever since I got mine.

    You. Will. Regret. It. Terribly. If. You. Sell. It.

    Stay safe out there.

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