Say hello to my little friend…

Hello Blogging World. Girl Ninja in the house.

Today marks the beginning of my new employment.  Ninja has graciously hired me as Punch Debt In The Face’s first employee.  I’m stating it in the beginning, all income I generate goes directly to my savings account Nordstrom spending account.  Thank you in advance.

In all seriousness, Ninja has begged me to be a staff writer for the summer while I’m on break. I’m not exactly excited about being titled a “blogger” (I still think Ninja is a bit dorky for being one), but after months of begging, I finally gave in and decided I could donate some time and give my two cents on living in the Ninja household.  In addition to Ninja’s daily posts, I will be trying to write about twice a week.

I’ll be looking for some good inspiration in these posts, so please feel free to question away for topics and areas of interest.  Ninja is sitting next to me trying to tell me what to write…and I’ll tell you this now, that’s not how it’s goin’ down. It will be uncensored Girl Ninja opinion in all my posts 🙂 You may hear my take on shopping, decorating, moving, teaching, and even the exciting life of being married to a debt-punching ninja.

So here goes….we’ll start it off with a little friendly competition. Ninja just showed me his “105 comments” blog post. Can we beat him?!  Share the love please!

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  1. You can totally kick his Ninja lovin’ booty with more comments than 105 – come ON GN!! You can do it!!

  2. It should be interesting to get your thoughts regarding spending vs. saving. I hope he pays you well for your work too 🙂

  3. It’s about time this blog got a decent staff writer. I bet you can draw better stick figures, too. Welcome GN. Feel free to kick butt and take some names. Looking forward to what you have to say.

  4. Good luck. Hey, and Ninja never comments on other blogs (or at least mine) even when they link back to his cool articles, so you could totally kick his butt by doing that 🙂

  5. Looking forward to hearing from you! Actually, I think it’ll be really cool to hear “both sides” of the marriage money philosophies. Or, you know, whatever other random things you want to talk about. Do you find that having summers off changes your habits on, say, going out to eat? Or does that sort of stuff stay pretty steady?

  6. Yea GN. I’d like to read your take on some of the things Ninja is so frugal about. For example the dilemma of spending $300 for travel to your job interview (congratulations!) versus the other option of recording an interview. Also your thoughts on spending more money in rent for more space versus socking away cash and renting a small apt.

  7. Woot!!! Can’t wait to see your posts!

    Maybe he already said something about this, but before you two got married were you as passionate about finances/saving/etc. as he was? Or did it take convincing?

  8. How would you summarize your experience as a first-year, full time teacher in the CA public school system? The Ninj had a couple of posts about how wild he thought your Kindergarten kids were, and as I recall, you had a guest post back then to explain some of the misunderstandings that were expressed in some (very) heated comments.

    Do you see yourself as always being a classroom teacher or would you like to be an administrator some day?

  9. showing GN some woman power love 🙂 would love to hear about shopping splurges and saving. that’s the premise of my blog haha. i love the nordstrom spending acct…every gal’s gotta have one!

  10. R U gettting paid for this? I hope so, although Ninja may make you put some of that $$$ right back into the savings fund! I say spend it on shoes (or personal vice of choice)!

  11. Good to hear from you at least, GN. I don’t have anything particular to say, but just want to help raise your post count.

  12. Welcome! Can’t wait to see what you have coming….it should be interesting….

    Do you have it in writing that you get to build your Nordstrom account?

  13. Welcome aboard GN! I’ve been reading since before the student loan was paid off…read from Quebec, Canada and now I read from the West Coast of France! Looking forward to reading you.

  14. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing a female perspective – such as is it better to spend $20-$30 every couple of years to buy a purse that is going to be destroyed in that same time frame or $500 to buy a higher quality leather bag that could potentially last a lifetime with proper care.

  15. I think you guys may have brought the sun from CA with you! Yeah! I’m not sure I could take another 8 months of rain and clouds.

  16. Welcome aboard. This is my first blog to read every day and now it just got better.
    Looking forward to hearing your ideas.

  17. GN,
    I think it is awesome that you are being open-minded and giving blogging a chance. I’m sure you will have some great contributions.

  18. I had my girlfriend write once for my blog and it was one of the more popular posts at the time. Everyone loved it.

    Here’s to you getting more than 105 comments!

  19. I can’t wait to hear your insight. I love reading this blog but have often wondered what Girl Ninja is really like. So excited!!

  20. Ninja’s so frugal, you might want to get paid by cashiers check or money order. Looking forward to your posts.

  21. Knowing ninja a little better than most, ask him for details if you’re curious, I’m curious on your take of what your first and then lasting impressions of him were. Being a few years younger and very sarcastic myself I got along great with him when i met him (especially since i was faster! haha…at anything over an 800 that is). Hope you guys start a great life up there, sometimes I miss it as I too am now a CA boy. You are lucky you got out when you did cause I’m working on the I-405 now and demoing Mulholland Bridge for an entire weekend!…Carmagedden, its gonna be crazy. But best of luck and keep that ninja in line!

  22. Welcome, Girl Ninja! I look forward to hearing from you (and seeing you beat 105 comments)!!!!!

  23. I’m relatively new here, too, but I noticed you said something about teaching. Are you a teacher? I know you will reach 105 comments very soon!

  24. Hi, Girl Ninja! I’d love to hear how teachers live on, well, a teacher’s salary. You work 10 months out of the year, but are paid for all 12, correct? Curious! 🙂

  25. Welcome, GN! Excited to hear your methods of putting up with Ninja’s old-fashioned views. Kidding aside, make sure he pays you for your posts.

  26. Girl Power! 🙂
    Welcome to the blogosphere – I hope you will find it rewarding and interesting.
    Good luck!

  27. Yay for GN posts! Congrats on the new job. I’d love to hear how/when/if you two literally sit down to talk finances and plan. My husband starts snoring the second I say budget/’let’s save for…”. We’ve thought about setting a monthly money date night, but it never really pans out.

  28. Yay GN! Happy to see a female perspective once in a while. I’d like to see how you guys slpit up the finacial duties, how you agree or disagree on spending…all of it!

  29. Oooohhh, I’m soo looking forward to reading the GN point of view! TEAM 106!!! Happy 4th of July Ninja and GN, from your Canadian peeps!

  30. Show him who wears the pants in the family. 😉 Looking forward to reading your posts! And hey, blogging might be a little dorky, but bloggers earn money by expressing their opinion. That’s pretty sweet.

    Also, I’m totally new to this blog and I’ve read through some highlights already – it seems like an interesting blog and I’m about to be a newly married Xtian DINK come October, so it’s interesting to read about!

  31. You go, Girl Ninja! It will be interesting to see the same situation covered from a different perspective. Hopefully, you’ll be able to scrounge up a few examples of situations where you both saw things slightly differently (in addition to, hopefully, showing how you were both on the same page about many other situations).

  32. Here’s hoping you smash 105!

    I’d love to hear about your thoughts on:
    1. Spending money to take care of oneself: e.g. gym memberships, fitness classes, mani-pedis, spa visits, etc.
    2. What your thoughts are on living “the American dream” — e.g. good looking, money in the bank, happily in love, buying a big house, teacher wife/ninja husband, etc.
    3. Lessons you’ve learned about talking money with your husband.
    4. Most extravagant purchase you’ve made!
    5. Your individual saving goals (if that applies!)
    6. What financial lessons you’ve “inherited” from your family or background.
    7. Talk smack about expensive trends that you just aren’t feelin!

    • Thanks for all the inspiration 🙂 I’ll for sure be doing my best to write about some of these…

  33. Communication is a must in a relationship. Especially topics that are hard to discuss.Nice read.

  34. What’s wrong with a little friendly competition, right? Would be nice if I could get my Mrs. to post, but we compete on everything else already. Haha. Guess I’m the only blogger in the household, until she finds her blog calling.

  35. Welcome!!! I think I would like to hear more about what your money priorities are and how they are different from Ninja’s. 🙂

  36. Welcome Girl Ninja! I’m looking forward to your take on all the things you mentioned – especially the teaching part and how you will be financially frugal in your purchases for your room.

  37. My fiance is very similar to Ninja, so I feel like I will know where you’re coming from… looking forward to your posts… and only 10 more comments to go!

  38. Yea for Girl Ninja! I’d love to hear your take on the Ninja household. Are you as gung ho on the saving and being frugal as Ninja is?

    Glad to have you on the blog this summer!

  39. Some might’ve said this already…I don’t have time to read all 112 posts (way to go GN!), but I am very excited for your blog posts. As someone who is interested in someday doing all the things Ninja talks about, I enjoy reading his blog, but I have a feeling your blog posts will be more relevant to my life right now, when I can’t afford to do much, but shopping is always on my list somewhere 🙂 Thanks for offering your time and opinions to us!

  40. Totally late to the party because I haven’t read blogs in over a week, but YAAAAY for GN! This place needs some more estrogen 😉

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